Saturday, August 27, 2011

It's A Mommy Rantings Baby Shower/Baby Product Review Party! Get Your Baby Product Reviewed on A PR3 Mom Blog!

Attention PR reps! Are you looking for mom blogs who do baby product reviews? Do you have a unique baby product? Maybe you are trying to introduce a new baby product on the Internet...or hosting a promotion of your baby products to increase sales...or simply want to increase the sales of your baby products. If you are looking for a way to get your baby products noticed, Mommy Rantings has great news for you!

The QueenMom is expecting her seventh child in a few weeks and is open to doing a few baby product reviews right here on Mommy Rantings. It's a Mommy Rantings baby shower review party! And, it's a BOY!
Why Would You Choose the QueenMom to Review Your Products?

Here is your opportunity to get your business name and products out there on a PR3 site! Mommy Rantings reviews are customized and keyword enhanced to get the best SEO on Google and also include images and a very personalized opinion to influence the buying decision of consumers. 

You will also get links included in the review, commonly known as backlinks, to your baby products website from a PR3 site - which, at the rate it is growing, will most likely be a PR4 on the next Google Pagerank update - and nobody ever knows when that is going to happen! (Google Pagerank updates are always a guessing game.) 

You can feel free to link back to the review on your site or quote the review to "show" to consumers who are browsing through your products. Many companies have quoted Mommy Rantings reviews on their product blogs and sites, including Playful Planet, TheraBreath and Vivoderm.Check them out!

With an Alexa score that has steadily fallen from over 1M in less than the past month (the lower the score, the greater the amount of traffic), it's obvious that Mommy Rantings has seen an influx of new visitors and will continue to grow even more as content is posted. As a matter of fact, the Alexa score was  852,528 on the 25th of August and 839,060 on the 26th. As I write this announcement, it sits at 826,694. You can go directly to the Alexa site Mommy Rantings page, which will tell you even more info about Mommy Ranting's stats!

If you DO visit the Alexa page, you will notice that the list of keywords are for a lot of the reviews that have been posted in the past. Any baby product reviews will receive plenty of attention!

If you are interested in participating in (sponsoring) the Mommy Rantings baby shower/baby products review party and being included in the upcoming Baby Shower Product Guide, click on the Contact the QueenMom tab and scroll down to the form or send an email to! Looking forward to working with you!

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