Thursday, August 18, 2011

5 Summer Activities to Entertain and Engage Multiples

Guest blog post by Molly Borter

As an aunt of triplet three-year-old girls, I know how hard it is to keep all three entertained for a decent period of time. The usual scenario? As summer vacation winds down and it feels like we’ve tried everything from bubbles to bouncy balls, at least one of them is bored with an activity and starts a revolt before we’ve even started. While most parents are tempted to pop in a no-fail movie for the umpteenth time, it’s important to provide hands-on activities for your multiples to stay engaged and active. Here’s a list of fun activities for August that’ll keep their little minds learning, their hands from pinching, and your memories together growing.

Be Creative When Cooling Off

The pool is an effortless way for your multiples to have fun and for you to steal some rays. That is, until frequent trips make it into a routine and they stop listening to your warnings; now they run when you tell them to walk and they fight over all of the pool toys. To mix things up a bit, bring a raft and have them take turns giving each other a ride, see who can make the best fish impressions, or play an old fashioned game of Marco Polo. Creativity is key to breaking bad pool behavior. Instead of the pool for water play, set up the sprinkler in your backyard and make an obstacle course through it using different toys and household items. For days you feel like traveling, go to your local sprinkler park, which is perfect for cooling them off and wearing them out just enough for quiet time later.

Host a Lemonade Stand

What better way to prepare them for future employment than to host a lemonade stand? Have your multiples help you make a large batch of lemonade, and teach them what it means to be rewarded for their hard work. This activity can be turned into a mini art project: have them decorate signs, serving cups, and a change box. To make sure they don’t fight over their duties, have them rotate between calling out to passerby’s, collecting money, and giving the lemonade to the customer. Learning to work together as a team is a welcomed bonus.

Go on a Camping Trip

Grab a couple of sleeping bags and pitch a tent in your backyard! This’ll make your little ones feel miles away and opens up a whole new set of outdoorsy activities. If you don’t have access to a grill, make s’mores in your microwave and eat them in the tent or read them a story by flashlight. While they’re tucked into their sleeping bags, have a star-gazing session before heading inside for bedtime.

Pretend to Own a Bakery

This is a sweet and satisfying rainy day activity. Have your multiples pretend they are little bakers and assist you in making cookies, cakes, brownies—you name it! Decorate with brightly-colored icings (add food coloring to white) and crazy toppings. If they’re old enough to read, this is also a great way to teach them how to carefully follow directions. For younger children, incorporate candy into the mixture, and ask them to count out the amount needed. You could also turn this activity into a “bake sale,” and follow the lemonade stand directions above.

Day Trip to an Amusement Park

This activity is definitely something to budget for, but is perhaps the most memorable of August activities. A trip to the amusement park is perfect for the whole family, and with school starting back up again, parks are less likely to be packed with older, rowdier kids. My nieces recently spent the day at one, and they are still chattering about how much fun they had riding the kiddie rides and running around the park with their parents. With arcade games, festival food, and an activity for every mood, this is definitely a memory worth making.

Author Bio:

Molly Borter is a writer from Indianapolis, IN, who specializes in sun safety. When she’s not playing with her triplet nieces, she loves following the latest fashion trends in women’s sunglasses, spending time with her girlfriends, and trying out new recipes. To keep your kids safe outdoors, make sure they are wearing UVA/UVB protected polarized sunglasses.

Thanks again, Molly, for writing for Mommy Rantings!
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