Wednesday, July 6, 2011

To the Mommy-Mobile! The Best Cars for Moms

Let's face it: when it comes to cars, moms are picky. If you have a two-seater, Junior can't ride in it until he's almost a tween. A two-door car? It will get you from point A to point B, but you or your front-seat passenger will have to either get out of the car or be crushed against the steering wheel or dash to let the kiddos out of the back. And let’s not forget about all the stuff that kids acquire – soccer balls, baseball bats, tubas…the list is endless.

* Sedans
Hyundai Sonata lists the Hyundai Sonata as the top sedan for families. It boasts a roomy trunk, which is important for strollers, groceries, and practice gear, and also received a 5-star crash-test rating from the government. The Sonata is also less expensive than the Honda Accord.

Ford Edge

If you're interested in a crossover, mentions the Ford Edge as a possibility due to the all-wheel drive and stylishness. has the Toyota Rav4 in its lineup because the Rav4 has seats that fold down, making an impressive cargo area, and an optional third-row seat so you can haul the team to the local ice cream shop for a treat.
Toyota Rav4

VW Routan

While no one wants to admit it because they aren't as trendy as crossovers, minivans are actually a great fit for moms. With sliding doors that open slowly to protect little fingers from getting smashed as well as giving Mom access to the child strapped in a booster without having to worry about keeping the door open and blocking a parking space, minivans feel like your bedroom on wheels. Space is abundant. The Volkswagen Routan, mentioned on, works well for moms with small children because the step to get into the vehicle is lower for little legs.

Which should the choosy mom pick? It depends on your budget, family size and preference for vehicle size. There is no beating the functionality of the minivan, but many moms are just not ready to go for the big box of the minivan. Spacious sedans and crossovers offer workable solutions.

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Thank you, James, for your contribution to Mommy Rantings! 

So, which "Mommy" or "family" vehicles do you recommend? Do you love what you drive? Tell us about it!

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