Tuesday, July 19, 2011

TheraBreath Review and Giveaway: How To Get Fresher Breath

Fresh breath is a necessity in life if you plan to get close to anyone, right? But, even if you don't get close to anyone...you still want a healthy smile and fresh breath, I'm sure. I'm not going to go into the hundreds of reasons to keep your mouth/teeth/gums healthy, because you should already know that you only have one smile and you need to take care of it. This so very true for your children's mouths, too.

I will say that there have been mornings when I have been corralling the kids, working on getting them off to school, when I've gotten a whiff of some of the worst morning breath of the century!(I'm not even exaggerating!)

So, I had to hunt down the culprit - or culprits - with the stinky breath and send them straight to the bathroom to brush and rinse with TheraBreath.

I have to mention, first of all, that the toothpaste is not as strong as many of the toothpastes that you find over the counter, so my children weren't as turned off at the taste of the TheraBreath. (Which is great! The less complaints around the house, the better!) In addition, the toothpaste does not produce all of that foaminess that regular toothpastes create, so there is less to spit out.

Dr. Harold Katz is the genius mind behind TheraBreath - and I actually learned something new from the Dr.! When reading the mouthwash instructions, I realized that a great deal of bad breath germs were located in the throat...so, the directions noted that you should rinse your mouth out and then gargle (hold your head back and get the mouthwash into the throat area - gurgle gurgle) to get rid of those bad breath germs in the throat.

Funny, I noticed for many years that I could brush my teeth and swish with mouthwash, but I still didn't feel like I had completely fresh breath. No wonder!!! Now, I know the trick to an even fresher mouth - and the freshness lasts longer. The mouthwash, like the toothpaste, does not have a strong taste to it, so again, the children do not complain about it. With TheraBreath, it's not like pulling teeth :) to get them to take care of their teeth.

If you ever get metallic, sour or bitter yuckiness in your mouth, the TheraBreath mouth rinse will immediately eliminate it. 

What I loved most about the TheraBreath system was the lozenges. Apparently, the children loved them, too, because I ended up having to put them up on top of the refrigerator. The two little ones kept asking for the "nannies in the box" - which translates to "the candies in the box". Let me say that these are the perfect little breath mints to keep in your purse, on your desk at work, and anywhere else you might need to quickly freshen your breath up. They have a nifty taste of mint and citrus, which is different, tasty and leaves the smoothest aftertaste for a breath mint - and it even leaves your mouth moist! 

The box is handy-dandy and perfect for reaching in and grabbing either one for the road or a handful to stuff in the purse. Think about it, too: for a family as large as mine...if we go out to eat and then, say, head over to a friend's house for a play date, bringing toothbrushes and a messy tube of toothpaste for everyone is not the ideal situation...and then, where are we all going to brush? The lozenges resolve this issue...just stuff them in the purse (in a zip-lock bag)...they are individually wrapped and don't take up any space at all. Don't feel like carrying your purse today? Pop a handful in your pocket!

The lozenges work in 3 stages: they eliminate the yucky odors and flavors in the mouth, attack bad breath germs with a combination of Zinc, Oxygen and Xylitol, and then they send out a salivary agent that stimulates the production of saliva, which eliminates that dry-mouth issue.

All in all, the entire family really likes the TheraBreath products and hope you like them, too!


And, you'll be able to let me know what you think, because TheraBreath is going to give away a tube of their toothpaste and a bottle of their mouthwash to one lucky Mommy Rantings reader. (U.S. entrants only) TheraBreath also requests that if you have already won a TheraBreath prize on another giveaway, please refrain from entering so that others can try their products.

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Thank you to TheraBreath for sponsoring this giveaway! This giveaway will end on 7/28/2011 at midnight EST. I will contact the winner by email and they will have 24 hours to respond before the runner up is chosen. Good luck!

I received products to perform this review. Everything that I have mentioned in this review is my own personal opinions. No compensation was received from TheraBreath.


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