Monday, July 11, 2011

Great Vacation Spots for the Family

Guest blog post by Kristine

I grew up with four siblings. That’s five of us all together. We weren’t able to take as many vacations growing up as some other families because of our size, but we did manage to go on a couple of really great ones. One of my favorite trips was renting a cabin in Colorado for a week. The cabin let us be in close enough quarters to hang out with one another a lot, but still provided enough space and privacy for the family. It was great because the cabin was located near the woods and the resort club house, which gave us kids an endless amount of entertainment.

One of the most important aspects of booking a cabin for a family vacation, and keeping it affordable, is knowing when to have your vacation. Most cabin rental companies have a “regular season” that is much cheaper than other times of year like “high season”. These vary from company to company and location to location, but if possible, try to schedule your vacation during this time to reduce the price. Generally, try to stick to late spring and very early fall.

Another issue to keep in mind while planning a family vacation is to decide whether or not the family pet gets to come along on the trip or not. Many cabin rental companies have options that allow pets. Be sure to ask if there is an extra deposit, but most of the time it will already be worked into the rental price.

Here are a few great picks:

Heartland Rentals, Gatlinburg, TN
Heartland Rentals, Gatlinburg, TN – Get a little history in on your family trip. Not only can the family experience the awesomeness of an epic battle field but also the amazing wildlife.

Bear Creek Cabins, Evergreen, CO – Located in the Smokies, this resort offers the greatest and most beautiful views. This is a perfect place to go for prime relaxation.

Georgia Mountain Rentals, Suatee Nacoochee, GA
Georgia Mountain Rentals, Suatee Nacoochee, GA – This location has some great waterfalls close by. I would recommend going on a family hiking trip to a waterfall, and then taking pictures and swimming for some time.

Remember to also book fun activities while on vacation at your family. My family and I went rafting, hiking, and made some tie dye shirts on our cabin vacation! Make sure to look into each resort and see which one works best for your family. Either way, being outdoors with the family is always a recipe for a good time!

Kristine writes for during the day, and in her spare time, she watches TV religiously. In between episodes of her favorite shows Kristine loves to bake, write poetry, and walk her new puppy.

Thanks, Kristine, for your great ideas for family vacations!

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