Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Going To A Baby Shower? Bring A Gift, But Forget The Towel!

Guest blog post by Alan Riley

You’ve been invited to a baby shower. Great idea! The birth or pending birth of a child is truly something to celebrate - particularly if the parents are near and dear to you. Now you have two problems – what to wear, and what to take as a gift. I can’t help you with what to wear, but here are some great gift ideas!

Practical Gifts:

baby hammock
Babies need a lot of things that no one else in the house uses. So, particularly for first time parents, a practical gift can be a real god-send. Some great ideas are:
  • A stroller pram blanket to keep baby warm when you’re out and about.
  • Toys, clothes and books to grow into. Babies grow so fast you always have to try to stay a step ahead!
  • A gift voucher from a baby store – for that nice to have item the parents may not have bought otherwise.
  • A Cuski comforter. These are specially designed comforters that work by having mum/dad sleep with the Cuski to transfer their scent(s) to it. When the comforter is given to baby the familiar scent creates feeling and security and closeness to you.
  • Diapers/nappies, wipes and baby powder – absolute essentials for any baby!
  • Crib bedding: Babies spend long hours asleep each day, so a good crib and crib bedding is essential. Alternatively try a baby hammock. Many babies thrive in the enclosed environment and rhythmic movement a baby hammock provides.
  • A basket, hamper, baby bath tub, or gift pack filled with items such as bottles, soothers (dummies), bottle brush, baby lotions, a baby manicure set, baby wash, moisturiser etc. along with a teddy bear for the baby, and some chocolates for mum and dad. Wrap it all in some clear wrap with a colourful ribbon and you have an inexpensive and practical gift.
  • A Jolly Jumper – a baby exerciser for a child in the pre-walking stage. My kids absolutely loved bouncing and jiggling around in their Jolly Jumper
  • Baby shower books – kids love to be read stories.

Unique Gifts:

If you’d like to give a gift that has a personal touch and may be kept for a lifetime, try:
bronzed baby hands and feet
  • Letters of the baby’s name to decorate the bedroom wall or door.
  • An item personalised with the child’s name such as a teddy, bib, clothes, book, photo frame, towel and washer set, or a personalised photo album for recording priceless memories as baby grows.
  • A voucher to have the baby’s hands and/or feet bronzed for posterity. These 3D sculptures capture every detail of your baby’s hands and feet, come mounted and framed and make a wonderful keepsake to treasure for generations to come.
  • A pair of soft soled shoes and a little box frame to keep them in once the little one has outgrown them, so you can hang it in their room as a keepsake of baby’s first pair of shoes.
  • Something from the year and/or day of baby’s birth. For example, a coin set from the year of birth, or newspapers or magazines from the day of birth.
  • A Birth Plate which records all baby’s birth details. These plates are popular gifts for births, christenings or birthdays.

Gifts For Mother:

Being a mother is hard work! Sometimes the best gift is a little pampering and care such as:
  • A voucher for a back and neck massage.
  • A voucher for house cleaning and ironing.
  • A bathrobe.
  • A skin care gift pack.
  • A nappy washing service, just to make life a little easier in the early days.

Gifts For Dad:

New Dads can get as excited about becoming a parent as new the new Mom. However, with all the focus on mother and the baby, dad is often forgotten. Make him feel part of the excitement with gifts such as:
  • A book on what it means to become a Dad – especially with the first child, Dad often has no idea what has hit him!
  • A Daddy Diaper changing tool box – a special pack of gag gifts for Dad.
  • My Daddy’s Hand Keepsake Medallion – something Dad can carry with him to remind him of his child wherever he goes.
  • Dad’s photo keepsake box.
  • A personalised mug with baby’s name and date of birth .

Economical Gifts:

Of course, there are always those who are a little short of cash who would like to give a gift. Some economical, but effective gifts you can give in such circumstances include:
  • Make a cake or dessert.
  • Present a “friend coupon” for something like “free babysitting”, “free shopping trip”, “free washing service”, or “free shoulder to cry on”.
  • Offer to organise the baby shower!
  • Act as the photographer at the baby shower and present the parents with a photographic record of the day.
Of course, the greatest gift you can give any parent or baby is the gift of your love. And as the song says “what the world needs now is love, sweet love”.

About the Author

Alan Riley is the publisher of, a site devoted to helping people find the perfect bedding for their needs. From JoJo Designs Crib Bedding to ladybug crib bedding, you’ll find just what you need, and maybe even the baby shower gift you are looking for!

Thank you, Alan, for all of the wonderful ideas for baby shower gifts! Don't forget that the QueenMom will be having a baby in September! This is the perfect opportunity for you to run out and find some cool stuff for the new baby!

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