Monday, July 25, 2011

EdenFantasys: Take a Step Out of the "Mom Shoes"

As a mom of many children and a spouse of almost 14 1/2 years, it's sometimes difficult to step out of the "Mom Shoes" and feel sensual or sexy (and that's even truer now that I'm 32 weeks pregnant)....however, everyone knows - or should know - that it's vital for your marriage to take a break from the Mommy Role and be a good wifey, too.

That's why I love! In trying to keep this PG-rated and without revealing TMI, I will tell you that I have had the pleasure of trying out several massage oils and the K-Y Yours and Mine (you know, the fireworks commercials...) thanks to EdenFantasys. I have even tried the Pink, which is ultra-slick and some of the best stuff I've ever used!

Could they be the reason that I'm in the "condition" that I'm in right now? LOL...Okay, I won't blame it completely on them!

What I will emphasize is that if you are feeling a bit out of the loop in the sex arena and you and your man are in desperate need of amping things up in the bedroom, EdenFantasys has everything you need to get out of that slump. When the parents are happy, the children are happy...and to have a happy and healthy relationship, it is vital to keep the sex life going strong.

They have several cool programs on their website that you should check out. One of my favorites is simply earning points while you surf and search their site. The points that you earn while surfing and searching can be accumulated and used as credits toward your purchases. The more you visit their site and mosey around, the more points you earn, the more free stuff you will get. And, I know you all love free stuff!

If you're ready to get that love life in the bedroom kick-started, head on over to EdenFantasys and check them out. 

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