Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Backpain During Pregnancy

I was conversing with a cousin on Facebook who was complaining about his back pain and thought, "Oh! I could write a book about back pain!" Back pain during pregnancy is part of the "norm" for me, especially the past few pregnancies and during the last trimester. Even when I am not pregnant, I still experience back pain, but pregnancy definitely exacerbates it.

I blame some of the pain and discomfort on having a handful of epidurals and even sitting at the computer, because I am normally active (with 6 kids, how can I not be?) and am on the thinner side of the spectrum, so it's not due to being overweight or lack of exercise.

Some days, I can barely move....other days, it's just hard to bend down and pick things off of the floor.

1) One of the things that helped me tremendously was visiting the chiropractor, however not everyone has the ability to enjoy that "luxury". I was fortunate enough to find a chiropractor that would not accept insurance, but only charged a $20 fee for each visit - Advanced Chiropractic, if any of you are in York, South Carolina. I recommend that you call around to chiropractors in your area to see what "deals" they can provide if you don't have insurance or have to pay high premiums.

2) The chiropractor was adamant about using ice, rather than heat. Now, I love my heating pad and will keep it plugged in and ready to go during the last few months of pregnancy...ice just doesn't feel as soothing. There are definitely mixed opinions on the heat versus ice topic...so, it will depend on you and what makes you more comfy.

3) A hot bath is always a great back pain reliever! (especially ours - we currently live in a house with a jacuzzi tub!)

4) On really uncomfortable days, I will sit in the "criss-cross applesauce" (my kids taught me that), otherwise known as the "Indian style" (what I called it when I was a kid) position and stretch my arms straight above my head. Keep your back tall and straight and stretch! I also like to reach my arms over my head to the sides to get an extra little stretch. You can twist your body to the right and place your hands on the floor (with straight arms) behind your right leg - and then turn to the left and do the same. Remember to keep your back tall and straight. Stretching those muscles, believe it or not, is really good for the body!

5) The "cat stretch" is one of my favorites, too. Get on the floor on your hands and knees like you're a cat (on all "fours") and curl your back up for 15 second and then relax. Repeat as much as you like.

6) Arm circles help to "stretch it out", too.

7) Practice good posture. Don't slump...bla, bla, bla...we all know what good posture is...and it's essential for everyone, but even more important for those of us who experience back pain.

8) Exercise - yes, exercise! It gets that blood circulating to the muscles...and, of course, it's good for you!

You will find that not only are some of these ideas great for your back, they are also excellent for relieving stress. :) Hot baths, good posture, stretching (yoga) and a chiropractor...now, tell me those things won't relieve some stress too!

What have you done to relieve your back pain? I'd love to add some more ideas to my regimen!

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