Saturday, June 11, 2011

Zing Toys Launching Into Stores This Summer (Review)

I have to start this by saying O.My.Gawd!

Okay, I kept the box a secret - well, not really a secret. The kids knew that there was a medium-sized box delivered to me, but they had no idea what came in it - and, thankfully, they assumed that it was for me. But it wasn't! It was two of the super-coolest inexpensive priced toys for them and I was waiting to take them to the park and play with them.

Unfortunately, Saturday morning (today) was a bummer...cloudy skies and "a chance of rain". Yes, it was sprinkling on and off, so the park wasn't really an option. But, the basement was. Our basement is pretty large - at the size of two bedrooms, the kitchen, dining room, living room and bathroom, so there is plenty of room for the kids to ride bikes on rainy days, which really comes in handy.

So, to inspire the kids to get their chores done quickly, I told them to take a peek in the box. As I expected, they were like, "Woah! Are these for us?" "When can we play with them?" "Can we open them now?" "Wow! Cool!"

Like the mean mom that I am, I told them to finish their morning chores and we'll get down to playing. It wasn't long before they were tearing the two boxes open and getting geared up for battle in the basement. (My oldest got his army gear out - oh, yes, they were psyched!)

These are the toys that had them so excited:
The Zing-Shot

The Z-Curve Bow
Yep, I know what you're thinking! Exactly the same thing I thought when they arrived: "Here are some more plastic toys that will be done for within the hour." But, I digress! They stood the test of 5 boys, including a two-year-old who got frustrated (yes, I know that the box says Ages:8+, but what was I supposed to tell him, he couldn't play with it? Come on!) and threw the bow on the concrete basement floor. So, these are definitely NOT some of those plastic toys that will break right away. They've held up to HOURS of fun play for the boys on this cloudy afternoon.

Of course, there were a couple of incidents where shooting each other came into play and I had to step in and remind them that they were to shoot at the walls and NOT at each other, but they're BOYS, for goodness sakes! No doubt, they were going to use each other as moving targets, regardless of what I said. But, thankfully, they listened and used the walls as their targets.

The two little ones also had fun trying out their coordination - and to be honest, I had a little fun with target practice, too!


Lucas (age 11): Advice: Don't use them to shoot each other with, especially the sling shot. Otherwise, they're awesome! If you are in archery, these are great toys to practice with.

Veronica (Age 10): (yes, a girl!) I like the bow and arrow more than the sling-shot. I also like that we can make targets to shoot at and use the bow for target practice and it sticks to the target and we can make points for each shot.

Nicholas (Age 9): It's really cool because all you have to do is put the arrow into the black parts and pull it back and it shoots REALLY far! The more you pull it back, the further it will fly.

Wes (Age 6): (By the way, I can't get these toys out of this boy's hands! He's still yet to finish his chores and keeps sneaking shots.) It's awesome. I like the bow and arrow more than the sling-shot.

The Zing-Shot comes with 3 balls and the Z-Curve Bow comes with 3 arrows, two have foam ends - like in the picture - and one of which is made with a suction cup that will stick to flat surfaces.

Here is the pitch that I received in the email:

Forget video games and digital handhelds that leave kids stuck to the couch. This summer, the Z-Curve Bow & Zing-Shot Launcher from ZING Toys are the ideal toys to get kids up and active in the backyard or playroom, all with safety and security of soft-foam ammunition!

Kids can pretend they’re a modern-day, sharp-shooting Robin Hood with the Z-Curve Bow, the ultimate foam bow & arrow combo for indoor and outdoor entertainment. Hook the arrow into the loading zone through the patented loops system, pull back, then it’s Ready…Aim …Fire! Kids can work on becoming a master marksman by loading up their choice of  a stick-anywhere ZARTZ® SOFTEK™ foam arrow for high-tech archery and target practice, or a long-range Red-X ammo soft-foam arrow for bounce-back action!

What’s summer fun without a slingshot? The Zing-Shot Launcher is a high-performance, safe and compact slingshot that features a Quik-Zip load system and specially-made Red-X ammo soft-foam balls that can fly up to 45 feet! Just load up the Red-X ammo soft-foam ball in the revolutionary two-prong launcher…pull back and release to watch it fly!

Whether kids are setting up cans for target practice or shooting against a wall, the safe and secure Z-Curve Bow and Zing-Shot Launcher are sure to provide hours of active fun!

The Z-Curve Bow™, $19.99, and Zing-Shot Launcher™, $9.99, are available at various retail stores and specialty boutiques including Academy Sports + Outdoors,, Bass Pro Shops, Cabela's, Calendar Club, Fred Meyer, Fry's Electronics, Target, Toys “R” Us, and many more.

And, let me finish up by saying that these toys actually DO shoot a pretty long distance. I haven't done any measurements to assess whether or not they shoot as far as they promise, but I can tell you that they shoot pretty darn close! And, now, at four hours past the opening of the box, the children are still taking turns with both toys, trying them in the backyard between sprinkles and in the basement, with their targets.

This was, by far, one of the most fun reviews to do in the whole time we have been doing product reviews! Facing a boring, cloudy Saturday is never fun in this house, but today was a day of fun and excitement, thanks to Zing toys!

I was provided product(s) in order to perform this review. No compensation was received for this post. All opinions were my own (and my kids')!

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