Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Party Games for a Great 4th of July

Guest blog post by Nicole Rodgers

Independence Day is a wonderful opportunity to gather friends and family together for a wonderful summer party. The beginning of July provides a great backdrop for grilling, picnics, fireworks, camping and a celebration of our wonderful nation. If you are planning an Independence Day party, be sure to include activities including games that are fun for all ages in attendance. Games that are played at 4th of July parties vary as much as the people playing them do, so if you are looking for different games and activities to play at a 4th of July party read on to get inspired.

When planning activities for your party, be mindful of the ages of your guests. If children are going to be present, make sure to come up with lots of ideas to keep them entertained too. Providing a variety of activities including sit down activities as well as physical activities will keep guests of all ages appropriately engaged.

Some sit down games appropriate for after meals or when guests need a break are word games. If creative make a holiday inspired word search or crossword puzzle from scratch and make enough copies for everyone to enjoy. If creating your own is not an option, many word searches and crosswords are available for purchase. For children, there are numerous teacher resource sites and stores that will have word games available.

An active game for children is red, white and blue tag. Each participant is given one poker chip, or other colored token, of red, white or blue. After this everyone is turned loose to try and tag each other. Whenever tagged, players must give up their tokens. The game ends when someone collects all three colors.

A twist of a classic sit down can easily make it holiday themed. Adults and children both will find this fast paced thinking game entertaining. Participants sit in a circle, the first player names an item that is red, the next player white and the third player blue. Play continues in this manner with each person only having five seconds to name an item of the right color. Naming an item of the wrong color, repeating an item or taking to long eliminates players. The game is over when one person is left in the game.

No summer party would be complete without standard backyard games. If space permits, set up horseshoes, ring toss, a volleyball net or corn hole set. What could be more American than a little friendly competition? Adults and children can participate in these games and small tournaments can easily be incorporated.

A wonderful finish to a brilliant 4th of July party is gathering everyone in attendance for a fireworks celebration. If setting your own off, pool fireworks from guests to have an even larger display. Older children can be involved in firework fun to by playing with sparklers and smokers. As always, extreme care should be used around fireworks and children should never light anything. If going to public display, relax and enjoy the show while thinking about what our freedom means to you.

Nicole Rodgers has been blogging for three years; she is currently setting up the details for her own 4th of July party. She is having her whole family dress up in American themed t shirts and she can’t wait to bake her mother’s famous blueberry, strawberry and vanilla American flag cake.

Thanks, Nicole, for yet another great guest blog post! Sounds like you're going to have a wonderful 4th of July! 

Readers: what do you do to make your 4th of July special with your family?

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