Friday, June 3, 2011

Pam Socolow's Family Facts Pregnancy Planner Review: Organize Your Pregnancy!

While I'm on the pregnancy kick - and finally back to blogging for the time being, I want to make sure that I get a long-awaited post up for an item that has added so much organization to my life!

Pam  Socolow's Family Facts Pregnancy Organizer and Planner

I love this planner/organizer! It's a compact, three-ring binder, so to speak, chock full of everything that you need to plan out your entire pregnancy! The three-ring binder aspect allows you to add/take out pages that you want/do not want (you can also purchase more pages, if you want to continue to use it even after your pregnancy).


The undated weekly calendar has plenty of space on each day to "plan" out your entire day - appointments, reminders, etc and there is a notes section at the bottom of the second page for each week. I like how this is made, because you can start the weekly calendar on whichever day of the year you purchase your planner. In addition, there are perforations on the bottom of the calendar pages that can be easily torn out, so when you are in a hurry at the doctor's office, with children fussing and ready to go home, you can quickly find the page that you need to write your next appointment on.

Where to start now? There are so many different sections in this organizer, it's hard to find a place to start...

There are pages to list your contacts, a health section where you can list your individual appointments and the stats of your appointment (blood pressure, weight, test results, etc.), a baby registry, a place to list what you need for the baby, a place for your hospital (delivery day) bag list, a place for questions to ask doctor (in case those pregnancy hormones overwhelm your brain), a place to list potential names for the baby...the list goes on and on.


I think my favorite part of the whole planner is the stickers. :) There are a ton of "appointment" stickers that you can put on the dates when your appointments are - and these are probably my most favorite, because I have appointments for not only me to keep track of, but also for all of my children. (see the pages of stickers in the pic above? There are tons of stickers!)

Then, there are the fabulous "Week 1", "Week 2" and so on stickers and the "1st trimester", "2nd trimester", etc stickers so you can easily keep track of exactly where you are in your pregnancy. How long have you spent in the past counting backward or forward through the weeks to keep track of the week/trimester you are in? With these stickers, you just put them in the planner one more counting!

Then, the are birthday stickers and anniversary stickers, the baby shower sticker, the due date sticker....the list goes on and on. And, they are easy to peel off and change to another page, if necessary (I've had to do it!) If you're a planner/organizer, you will love the stickers, too.


In the back, you will find plastic holders for business cards (like your doctor's office cards) and another plastic, zip-lock-closed pocket to put other things in...

And then, you get the cute pink pen that you see in the pic above and a happily organized pregnancy. :)


If you're one of those save-and-pass on mommies, you can plan to save this organizer for when your baby is grown up and moved out...wouldn't that be a wonderful gift one day to give to your child? I think it would certainly let them know how much they mean to you!

Order It

You can order your own copy of Pam Socolow's Family Facts Pregnancy Planner here.

Thank you for helping us pregnant (and, often absentminded) mothers and mothers-to-be get organized, Pam Socolow! (and, thank you for being so patient with me!)

I received one of Pam Socolow's Family Facts Pregnancy Planners for review. I did not received compensation for this post.

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