Thursday, June 30, 2011

Are You Looking For Guest Blog Posts? Also, Giveaway Extended One Day!

HAPPY JULY, Everyone! I hope your summer is full of enjoyment so far!

I recently had an excellent guest blogger write for Mommy Rantings and he was wondering if anyone else out there is interested in some guest blog posts (see Where You Can Find Guest Bloggers below to obtain his email). I love guest blog posts and have recently started to post a whole bunch (in case you didn't notice!).

If you are not familiar with guest blogging or have not taken advantage of it, there are some things about guest blog posts that I want to mention:

1) Guest bloggers can bring new topics and unique content to your already awesome blog that you might not have ever thought about! (Be sure to run it through a duplicate content site like Copyscape or Plagiarism Checker before you post it!)

2) You may not have the time to type up an effectual, well-researched and informative blog post every day. Guest blog posts can help you fill in the gaps. I have also seen people request guest blog posts to schedule in during times when they will be on vacation, moving, etc. It keeps the content rolling and gives visitors something new to read. (and, when you experience that horrendous "writer's block", guest bloggers can help you get through it!)

3) You don't HAVE to accept any old blog post that is offered to you. Simply be polite when you turn the post down, explaining why you cannot accept it. If it only needs a little bit of editing, go ahead and edit it, but if it's a complete mess written with terrible grammar,'s your blog.

4) Your guest blogger may want to spread their blog post to their followers, by means of Tweeting and Sharing, thus promoting your blog!

5) Once you post one guest blog post, other guest bloggers will probably contact you with ideas for topics and offers to guest blog.

Where Can You Find Guest Bloggers?

I have been fortunate enough to receive MANY offers from guest bloggers through Blogger Link Up. You can submit offers to write guest blogs AND request guest blog posts...and it works!!! (You can also announce giveaways and contests!)

Contact Sean at He's interested in writing guest blog posts - and he sent me an excellent one! (and he's the reason that I decided to write this post!)

You may already have contacts in your blogging network who would be interested in composing a guest blog post for you - or exchange guest blog posts with you.

Try typing "Request guest blog posts" into Google. I'm sure you will find plenty of other leads.

There Are Downfalls To Guest Blog Posts

I offer a bio and a link within the bio for guest posts. Unfortunately, this means that I need to do my research before I publish the blog post. I want to be careful not to publish a blog post with a bio that includes links that I do not want on Mommy Rantings. And, you will want to keep this in mind, too.

I try to stay away from blog posts that have direct links (because they are basically free advertising for the company) within the blog post. If someone wants to contribute to Mommy Rantings by writing a relevant blog post, that's great! They will get a link within their bio that announces who they are and use that for promotion, but I really am not big on guest blog posts that are written for the purpose of promoting products or services only.

If I've missed anything, please leave a comment!

If you are interested in guest blogging for Mommy Rantings, feel free to contact me!

ALSO...I Have Decided to Extend the Kiki's Fashions Giveaway for 24 hours!

I forgot to send out a reminder!!! So, get those entries in before midnight Eastern, July 1st!!!!

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