Friday, February 25, 2011

Winner Announcement!

I'm going to break the winners up in a few different posts over the next few days, and hopefully I won't get everything all mixed up! Congratulations to the winners! And, come visit for more winners and new giveaways! I'm not done yet!

So, the winner of the Overall Beauty Mineral Makeup is:

Saretta said... 36
I follow you on Twitter as sarettagd (no. 2).

The winner of the book The Club No One Wanted to Join is: (and, by the way, I was so glad to see the comment when this winner was chosen! However, there is not an email to contact her with, so hopefully she sees this post...if not, I will have to choose another winner.)
Tara said... 5
I would love a copy of this book as my parents were victims of Madoff. My mother was due to retire the May after this scandal broke. My father is on disability. They lost their entire life savings and now my mother will have to work till who knows when? They can't afford to come visit us often and see my children, their grandchildren. I could go on and on, but I would love to read this as it clearly hits VERY close to home. Lastly, I have never won anything! So, this would be nice to win since it relates to my life!

And the winner of the ShaToBu Shaper Tights is:

lclazar029 said... 96
2/8 tweet!/momofnicnic/status/35200975136358400

Congrats! I'll be emailing all of you today!

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