Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Weather Rip-Off

So, we were supposed to see the "storm of the season" today.

Veronica: Mom, why are we staying home today?

Me: The weatherman called for the storm of the season yesterday.

Veronica: Storm of the season? It's not even snowing!

Me: Yeah, the weatherman ripped us off.

Anyone else get ripped off? It might have snowed an inch or two here overnight, but certainly nothing to close school over! I'm sure that everyone around this area is a bit confused this morning!


  1. That's all you got?? I think we're close to a foot & more is coming down.

  2. They called off everything as of last's flurrying on and off, but certainly NOT the storm of the season. :)

  3. It's the same over here. I think the weather guys are getting worse at making predictions! Perhaps we need to invest more in satellites or something!

    CJ xx

  4. You would think that the "investments" have already gone overboard! The weatherman said "Forget Lake-effect snow" (which is a snow storm that sprinkles snow in some places and dumps it in others) "This could be the biggest widespread snow storm of the season!" SO, we get all get two more inches. LOL


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