Monday, February 7, 2011

Time For Some Winners!

I know people are thinking, "Get with the program!" Start picking some winners! I apologize. :) I feel the same way when I enter a giveaway that I really want to win, so I will apologize again.

The Baby Bond winner is:

deanna said... 45
follow you on twitter @dlw447 deannalw47 AT hotmail DOT com xoxoxo The winner of the Cowgirl Chocolates is:

heartnsoulcooking said... 29
#1 - Subscribe to Mommy Rantings via email heartnsoulcooking[at]gmail[dot]com The winner of the Eden Fantasys gift card is:
Selective Sensualist said... 176
Tweet:!/SSensualist/status/32993325107646464 selectivesensualist(at)yahoo(dot)com The winner of the Luvalla set is:
Tawnya said... 45
I learned "L'uvalla products work synergistically with your skin to deliver the short term results you need to provide you with deeply healthy and beneficial long term results you want to look your best." copperbliss at hotmail dot com And, the winner of the Zebra Pens is:
It seems we have a double-winner! (It's your lucky day!)
Tawnya said... 27
I follow you on twitter! @kopperkirlz copperbliss at hotmail dot com

I will email all of you - that is, unless you email me first! CONGRATULATIONS!

Also, please don't forget:

Nominate Me!!!!

I am vying for a spot for the AVONDreamers Ambassadorship! There are only three available and I really really want to be one of the three! It's very easy to nominate me!!! (and, right now, I am behind three other blogs for the running. Fourth place won't cut it! I want to be #1!)

Please please please please please take two seconds and go over to their Facebook page and copy and paste this:

I nominate for an AVONDreamers Ambassadorship!

This means products for Mommy Rantings readers, too!

I *heart* you in advance for supporting me!!!


  1. Hooray. better late than never

  2. Seriously my lucky day!!! I just sent you an email! I also nominated you for Avon Dreamers...hope you get it!

  3. Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway! :)


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