Thursday, February 3, 2011 Glycolic Skin Peel Review

I had never tried a glycolic peel prior to's offer to send me theirs. I couldn't wait to try it, but, like all products that I put on my skin, I made sure that I read all of the instructions first. It's a good thing that I did, because I didn't realize how very potent glycolic peels are!

First, here is a video:

I actually received the full set for review, which included:

  • Glycolic Exfoliator10% 2 oz
  • Glycolic 70% Peel 2 oz
  • Hyluronic Moisturizer 1 oz
The instructions said to use the exfoliator for a week prior to using the peel. I couldn't wait to use the peel, but I was patient and went through the process, as recommended. I wanted to get the best results possible.

When the day came to do the glycolic peel (which, by the way, is the strongest percentage on the market at 70%), I was excited! I was also leery, considering the warnings on the instructions.

Burn, Baby Burn

There was an immediate tingling/burning sensation, but nothing that made me think: Stop! It actually felt really good - I could tell that something was going on underneath the layers of my skin! After the minute was up, I washed the peel as instructed and couldn't believe how smooth my skin felt and how shiny it was! The hyluronic moisturizer helped to sooth that burning feeling and smoothed my skin even more.

However, my skin continued to tingle/burn long after I washed it off. I would say about 3 hours after I was finished with the procedure, the tingling/burning was gone. But, the residual effects were awesome!

My Thoughts

I love this glycolic peel set! The exfoliator is great for everyday use and the peel - well, there is no doubt that it works! The moisturizer is an added "extra" that completes the system. I don't have experience with other glycolic peels to compare these products with, but I can surely say that I love how my skin feels and looks now that I am using's glycolic peel set.

Now, the bottles are quite small, and compared to the price (which is $98 for this set), I would normally shy away from making the purchase, but a teeny tiny bit goes a long way! If used as suggested, this set could easily last me 3 months (yes, even these little 2 oz and 1 oz bottles!). The liquid is almost the density of water and smooths on easily. This set also came in a small zippered make-up bag and had a small box of gauze pads included to help with application. The gauze pads work much better than cotton balls, because cotton balls would absorb (and waste) a lot of the liquid, as opposed to the gauze pads, which won't.

Customer Service

They even offered me the services of a personal esthetician before I placed my order, in case I couldn't figure out the strength that was perfect for my skin! Now, that's customer service! (And, if there is anything you know about me, customer service is a vital aspect of dealing with companies. If their customer service is crappy, their products aren't worth it!) has a wide range of glycolic peels, with different percentages to suit you personal skin needs. They also carry many other products! Stop by their shop to see what they have for you!

I received a product from for the purpose of this review. I did not receive compensation for this post.

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