Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tidbits and Pieces...

Well...This may be one of my last *real * posts for a couple of weeks, due to the Valentine's Giveaways, so I figured I would talk about...

Snow! Wow! It looks like snow is falling everywhere in the U.S., wreaking havoc and making a pretty mess! :) You would think that someone who thinks that the word alone sounds like a four-letter swear and, after living in the South for 4 years, SNOW might seem like an impediment in my need-to-have-sun life, but it's so gorgeous as I look out over the creek and park across the street from my upstairs bedroom windows! It looks like a snow globe out there! And, this year, I'm enjoying the scenery from the inside of a nice warm house! :)

The kids are still confused about the fact that they have to go to school when it snows! They close down everything down when it even looks like it is going to snow in the South! And did you hear that they just got slammed with snow storms? Glad I'm here. At least New York isn't scared to drive in it (not that they are any better drivers! LOL)

400 Twitter Followers!

Another topic of conversation that I would like to mention is that the @QueenBMomma handle on Twitter now has over 400 followers! Yay! This is good for all of you giveaway fans! The more followers on Twitter, Facebook and GFC, the more opportunities Mommy Rantings gets! So excited! The next goal is 500!

Facebook Followers!

The next goal for Facebook followers is 250! When we get there, of course, I will have another giveaway in honor of the accomplishment! We're at 149 followers now!

So, good luck in the Valentine's 2 Weeks of Giveaways! Don't forget, it starts tomorrow, 11AM eastern, sharp! I'll be *blogging* about reviews and giveaways for a while! And, later today, I'll be announcing a winner!

Have a great day!!!


  1. Congratulations on successfully increasing your Twitter followers to 400!!! WOW!

    I look forward to all of your Valentine's Day Giveaways! I can't wait!!!

  2. yes congratulations on your followers on twitter.......


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