Monday, January 10, 2011

The Sacred Journey Book Review

You will notice that I am starting to review some books here on Mommy Rantings, and because there are such diverse people visiting, I'm going to be covering a ton of different book genres...which I think is fun!

Booksneeze recently sent me The Sacred Journey, by Charles Foster, to read and review.  I usually enjoy reading a good book about the Bible and the perspectives that come with scriptures. This one seemed a bit over the top for me. I will say that, in the very beginning of the book, the editor mentions that people will find things that they do not agree with throughout The Sacred Journey. She is right.

I will also say that if you're looking for a deep read that focuses on the Bible and takes you on a long journey, The Sacred Journey could be for you. If you like to read another person's views on parts of the Bible, again, this book could be for you. Be prepared for a journey into Charles Foster's mind and how he interprets scripture.

I give it a 2-3 stars, at most.

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  1. I like the way you openly "step out there" to learn new things!! :D


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