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Mommy Rantings First Blog Award Ceremony!

In light of the upcoming Valentine's Holiday...

Mommy Rantings Blog Award
It's time to spread a little love around the Internet, with some blog awards! This pass-it-forward-friendly award will start with two people who are not only amazing supporters of Mommy Rantings, they have also been working on their own personal blogs!

Everyone loves to get awards! If you know anyone who deserves a Mommy Rantings Blog Award, let me know! Look forward to the monthly picks for this award from now could be next!

The First Mommy Rantings Blog Award Goes To...

Holly Lawson, from Mission Montana! She was "stalking" (LOL...just kidding Holly!) Mommy Rantings and posting about the giveaways I was hosting far before I even knew who she was. (She even won a couple of giveaways right here! You go, girl!) A sweetheart and the mom of an adorable little girl (Sophie) who just turned one, she's definitely got the gift of gab and the willpower and drive to run a successful blog. (She's got some super-cool V-Day giveaways, too, so head on over and show her some love!)

Here's what Holly had to say about herself:

1.) When did you start blogging?

I started blogging in August of 2010 mainly for family and friends to be able to see my Sophie and hear about all the things she does.

2.) What do you like about blogging?

I love the new friends I meet and the opportunities that come my way.
Being 2000 miles away from family, it is a way they can keep up with us too. Now that I am getting into giveaways, I love being able to give stuff away to people that I have experienced or found in web-land.

3.) What are your 3 favorite blogs and why? (Provide name & url)

1. Mommy Rantings - I love the giveaways and funny posts. I also am so happy that we have become friends. As a mom and blogger, I love the advice you give me!!

2. More 4 Mom's Buck - - She posts some great reviews and giveaways. I enjoy reading her posts to get a feel for what deals are out there. 

3. Adventures in Abbyland - She is a favorite because she is a new parent of a daughter - just like me! I love reading her posts about her daughter and I can relate soooo much! She has good giveaways too.

4.) What do you see in the future for your blog?

I would really like to stay focused on helping moms find great products through giveaways and reviews. I want to get back to posting more about my "mom" life and our missionary journey.

5.) What is unique about you? What makes you "special"?

I am a southern(South Carolina) that lives in Montana as a missionary. I LOVE to take photos and scrapbook. I like making homemade gifts for friends and family.  I feel like I have a unique way of making friends ANYWHERE be it the grocery store, Facebook, or blogs with total strangers.  I am known as the "Coupon-lady" here - lol. I have a way of finding deals for friends and family!!

6.) If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be? Why?

I would like to be back home in SC so my parents and family could watch Sophie grow up and experience all her "firsts" with us. However, I know God has put us here in Montana for a reason and given us everything we need, including AWESOME friends to share Sophie with. So as much as I would love to be "home", I am happy being right here in the 13 below zero, snowing weather!

7.) What is your motto? How would you "Brand" yourself?

My motto is a Bible verse that I live by: Trust in the Lord with all your heart! I also have a "saving" motto - Why pay full price when you can get it
FREE or WIN it - :-)
I would "brand" myself as a friendly, coupon-saving, first time mom that loves blogging and giving things away (I love winning too)

The Second Award Goes To...

Kelly Smith at Kelly's Life Adventures. She's also been stalking Mommy Rantings (LOL) and it's just a matter of time before she wins something, too! (Maybe the V-Day giveaways?) Her post called Love Drop - Paying It Forward...One Person at a Time caught my attention (as I was in the process of working on this award) and showed me how much she had studied up all the intricacies as a newbie blogger (with images and embedded video - nice job)! It also showed me where her heart was. Great post! I'm looking forward to see what she has in store for us! Take a minute to pop over to Kelly's Life Adventures and show her some love, too!

Here's a little look into who Kelly is:

1.) When did you start blogging?

I started blogging, irregularly, about five years ago.

2.) What do you like about blogging?

I like blogging, because it is therapeutic.  I get to write my thoughts out, and get feedback.

3.) What are your 3 favorite blogs and why? (Provide name & url)

Through Pain and Smiles
Nancy's Kitchen Adventures
Two Classy Chics

4.) What do you see in the future for your blog?

I would like to participate in Reviews/Giveaways.

5.) What is unique about you? What makes you "special"?

Experience has shown that many of my friends/family come to me for advice.  Somehow, I tend to be the one that can look at all sides of a situation and convey those to someone without forcing "one" opinion on them.  I find I am able to get someone to look at their situation from a different perspective.

6.) If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be? Why?

Ha!  Considering the weather, I'd be on a tropical island in the Caribbean!  We would have a private villa, with maid & chef service, right on the waterfront!  All expenses paid!  Why?  Sunshine soothes the soul!  It would be nice to be pampered for a while and take a break from the stress I've dealt with this past 6 months.

7.) What is your motto? How would you "Brand" yourself?

I have several mottos I attempt to live by:

    * Pay It Forward!!
    * Mean People SUCK!
    * Do unto others as you'd have done unto you!!

I'm so blessed to know both of you! Feel free to pass this award onto 2 other bloggers who you think are worthy of a blog award - maybe you have a blog stalker or two? Or maybe they deserve it because they provide great content and you want to spread the word? Ask them the same questions and post it up on your blog to introduce them to us - and don't forget to tell them that they won an award! They can also pass the award to 2 other people.

PASS IT the spirit of Valentine's Day, let's spread the Mommy Rantings love!

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  1. I'm honored. Speechless. :D

    I also realized that I missed the "why" on my favorite blogs!!

    Nancy's Kitchen Adventures - I love her because she originally brought me over to Blogger to read her newly created Recipe Blog. I've cooked many of her dishes, and they always turn out great!

    Two Classy Chics - when I first began to enter giveaways, I sent a message asking if I entered correctly. They responded immediately and gave me some pointers (leaving email on all comments)!!

    Through Pain and Smiles - Well, what can I say? You'll just have to pop on over there and read for yourself! I like her style! She has a great sense of humor (even through pain).



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