Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Laugh of the Day: Stealing From Mom!

Very rarely does my well-raised husband touch my pocketbook and wallet. It actually drives me crazy sometimes! I'm like, "would you just go get what you need!?!?"  But, I have to be thankful that he was raised to be respectful, no matter how much it inconveniences me!

Rather than having to come all the way downstairs from my bedroom, where I happened to be quite comfortable, get into my purse and give him the money this afternoon, I told him to go ahead and get it himself.

I had to laugh when my husband told me that as he was taking the money out of my purse, my 6-year old son asked him, "Dad, why are you stealing from mom?"

(Gotta Love Him! Thanks for havin' my back, Wes!)

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