Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How to Make a Facebook Welcome Page

Okay, so I am very proud of myself! Blogging is more than just writing in this day and age...it's an art form, it's managing a business...and it's constantly and consistently learning new concepts and applying them. Here is my newest endeavor:

In case you don't have any idea what this is, it's a Facebook Welcome page! Can you see why I'm so stinkin' proud of myself? Okay, for a couple of months now, I have been searching the Internet, trying to figure out this new FBML (Facebook Markup Language), to no avail. I've played around with it and...well, I just don't give up when I get something in my mind!

And those of you who know me also know that if I struggle through something, I will surely turn around and share it with you once I've figured it out! So, how do you make your own Facebook Welcome Page for your blog or company?

It's actually quite simple! (Wish someone had told me! Actually, someone finally did...Business 2 Blogger sent me an email, as I subscribe to them, and the email said to go to Pagemodo...so, there you have it!)

Pagemodo is the Trick! They are Super Cool!

Go to Pagemodo (don't worry, if you're only planning to do one page, it is free!) and sign in with Facebook. Easy enough, right? Give them the permissions that they need to access your info - and don't worry if it brings up your personal Facebook account. You will have a chance to pick which Facebook account to put it on later in the process, as Pagemodo asks you questions for the implementation step. 

From here, you choose a template and start working on it! You can change the colors, fonts, add your own pics and wording, and basically customize it to be "your own".

Pagemodo will implement your self-designed Welcome Page for you once you are completely happy with the design...oh! and, if you make any mistakes (like I did) and you don't notice until after your page is up on Facebook, just log back into Pagemodo and "update" your page. Quick and simple. 

Wait! You're Not Finished!

So, your Welcome page is up on your blog's Facebook account, but you want your new visitors to land on that page when they first come to it, right? I assume that's the whole point of a Welcome Page.

Okay, click on "edit page" in the top left hand column of the Facebook page, right under your logo (or photo). Then, (and I understand these pages might look or be named differently, as this was difficult to find for me, according to other people's instructions) find "manage permissions". 

Here is an image to help you out:

Where it says, "Default Landing Page", select "Welcome". Sorry the image is so blurry! Hopefully you can figure this out. If not, contact me! I'll try to walk you through it, but it's fairly simple. Don't forget to click on "Save Changes" at the bottom of this screen.

That's It!

Now, when new people come to your blog's (or company's) Facebook page, they will immediately be greeted with your self-designed Welcome Page!

After all this time and research, this is all I had to do. !?!?!?! LOL

Let Me Know!!!

Hey, if this blog post helps you, stay tuned for more "blogging" tips!

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