Saturday, January 22, 2011

Gender Confusion?

I'm taking a one-day break from the giveaways for three reasons:

  1. I'm getting burned out on reviewing items every single day.
  2. I'm really not feeling too well and cannot wait until summer gets here, so this ongoing "cold" can "go on".
  3. I had a response to my question on Facebook: Should I do an extra week of giveaways (I only planned to do 2 for Valentine's Day)...or go back to blogging? The one answer that I received (thank you, Andrea!) is that I should go back to blogging, because she misses my blog posts. Awww! 
So, with that said, this goes out to Andrea (because she misses my *real* blog posts!)

I was simultaneously watching What Would You Do? last night on ABC - and if you've never watched this show, you should really sit down one Friday night and check it out!- and trying to put Dakoda down to sleep. The producers of WWYD set up real-life situations that are controversial and secretly video tape the reactions of the people that are within earshot (or sight).

Well, they set up this Dad and Son in a toy store, where the son was begging Dad to buy him a Barbie doll. The women that piped up and threw out their opinion (LOL) were all fairly supportive of the Dad buying the Barbie for the Son. One even wrote down the name of a book, William's Doll, and put the small piece of paper in the Dad's hand.

William's Doll is about a little boy with a doll..."William wanted a doll, he wanted to hug it and cradle in his arms..."

And? What's wrong with that? Maybe he wants to practice being a good Daddy when he grows up. Maybe he's a sensitive nurturer...don't we want a husband like that?

I have a 3 year old son who runs around saying, "I'm the girl!", referring to the television show the kids are watching or the games that they are playing, or simply because he feels like playing the girl...who cares?

I don't have doll-loving boys, but I do have an 8 year old who loves his little Bean Baby - isn't that what they are called? - teddy bear.

I don't discourage my sons from playing with Zu-Zu Pets or Little {whatever} pets that my daughter plays with. They're toys! They're overly commercialized toys that children see all over tv...and they're fun to play with!

Seriously, I'm not going to discourage my sons from finding their inner sensitivity...because there's nothing wrong with that! You cannot force your child to be a certain way. And, let me ask you this: if you keep a child from playing with someone or something, don't they want it more? If you don't allow your sons to play with dolls, they will feel unfulfilled. They will continue to want something that you keep from them.

But, if you let them have what they want...just like every other toy that your child plays with, it will get tiring and they will most likely move what's the big deal?

Should Boys Be Allowed to Play Dress Up?

Okay, so the same segment of the show had the little boy dressed in a dress (staged, of course) and it showed the reactions of people. For the most part, people said, "Let the boy play!" And, that's how I feel. If my boys want to dress up in a dress, we can all have a good laugh...because that is what would happen. Make it's no big deal!

Let them be kids, you know?

My Son Is Gay

Oh, yeah, and then the storyline of What Would You Do went here: there is a blog called Nerdy Apple Bottom. If you didn't watch the show and you have never heard of this blog, you need to go over there and check it out - *ahem* after you finish reading my rant! So, the mother let her son dress up as Daphne from Scooby Doo...and she caught {bleep} from the other mothers at the school Halloween function. Then, she posts a blog post on her blog: "My Son Is Gay". Yes, she did.

But, she did it to be facetious. And, the blog post went viral and stirred up a ton of controversy. She certainly got her 15 minutes of fame!

Needless to say, she said nothing wrong. Nothing. Okay, you can take a break and go read it...go ahead and come back...

You Can't Avoid It...

You can't make your boy gay. You can't make him un-gay. (Or your girl, for that matter.) Hopefully, what you can do is make him/her the best, well-rounded, intelligent child that you can raise them to be. And, hopefully, you will allow them to fulfill their curious - and possibly nurturing - personality by permitting them to play with dolls and dress up like princesses. Or let your daughters play with army trucks and shoot those brand new awesome Nerf Stampede guns that Santa brought for Christmas.

I will never feel the urge to do anything but giggle when I hear my 3 year old say, "I'm the girl!" (It makes me giggle inside now).

There is absolutely nothing wrong with imaginative/creative play! He knows that he is a boy, and that's that.

And, regardless of how my children turn out, I will never turn my back on them! Would you?


  1. Thanks for the shout out!! :-) And yes, I really HAVE missed the blogs!

    I completely agree that you should let your kids be kids.

    When my husband & I first started having kids, this was a BIG arguement. Our first child was a girl & he was SO quick to 'allow' her to work on the motorcycle, to learn the proper names of tools, etc. Even to this day, she helps him work on his truck.

    When our son was born, my husband STILL had this 'boy will play with boy toys' thought. Yes, even tho his daughter was a tom-boy. Somehow, my husband eventually got over that.

    My son is the biggest 'boy' I have ever seen. He wants to be an Army helicopter pilot, knows a ton about dinosaurs & loves to play swords. BUT, his sisters love to dress him up sometimes in dresses & makeup.. all while running around the house, 'I'm a girl.' (yes, even I giggle)

    I don't care what others do with their kids to be honest. My kids are happy, healthy, know right from wrong & are straight A students. If my daughters want to work on Daddy's truck with him.. fine. If my son wants to put on makeup & walk wround the house in a dress... fine. I don't think it will make them gay.

    And even if they DO end up gay, who cares? I'll still love them no matter what!

  2. :)

    And, that's exactly what I am saying! Let them be them...and let them be kids! Childhood just flies by so fast! It saddens me that people limit their children's imaginative play to gender-related play. :(

    I love that, "I'm a girl!" thing.

    And, any mothers or fathers that think you can "encourage your children to be gay", you're nuts!

  3. I completely agree. I don't have kids yet, but that's how I would be with mine. If they are gay, wonderful. If they are straight, wonderful. I just want them to be happy and healthy and I don't really worry so much about the "gender specifics" of it all. It's a bit ridiculous sometimes.

    Oh, and speaking of all this talk...I wanted to direct you to a new blog I have set up. I'd love for more people to follow along and leave thoughts on the posts. It's called Let's Get Beyond Tolerance. There is even a huge giveaway going on right now if you want to enter-


  4. Following from MBC.

  5. I also agree--both that you should take time out to blog, and that you should just let your kids be themselves! I grew up with 2 older brothers and I wore their hand-me-downs and played on boys' sports teams and was just a big tom-boy, and I think I turned out OK. And now I have a young son and hey, if he wants barbies for his birthday, I'm getting him Barbies!

  6. New follower from MBC! Would love a follow back!

  7. I agree we should let children be children and enjoy their childhood it is gone before we know it. I think that it is very important for us as parents to nuture or boys inner-sensitivity because they are learning the skills that they so greatly need when they grow up to become husbands and fathers. We see it on tv all the time of men hurting or killing their kids maybe if they where aloud to develop these skills when they where growing up these children would have had the chance to grow up!!!!!!!!!!


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