Monday, January 10, 2011

CouponSense Makes It Easy To Coupon-Shop!

Coupon-clipper, I am not. Thrift store shopper, check, bargain shopper, check, bulk shopper, check, but you will rarely see me clipping coupons. Don't ask me why I don't pull out those scissors and start clipping if I have to feed six kids...because I don't have an answer for you. I will shop by the sales in the fliers and use the store-issued savings cards every time I shop to save on the in-store deals. I just never "got into" clipping coupons, searching for them on the Internet and printing them out, or grabbing the Sunday paper to scoop up on the coupons that come inside. I'm the stop, drop and roll shopper. When I have a spare moment (if it can even be called that), I run to the store.

I Might Have to Change My Ways...

I was offered a one month trial with and this is for all of you die-hard coupon clippers (or printers): you have to try it!

It has a ton of coupons and deals (definitely hundreds) and is organized in a way that a newbie coupon clipper can really appreciate. Coupons and deals are organized by category, price, store, and can be rearranged and filtered as you choose. Each coupon includes the store that it is categorized under, when the ad expires, the regular price and savings price (see below). In addition, there are double coupons and the system will only allow you to choose the correct amount of coupons for each deal. And, need I even mention that Coupon Sense shows you the in-store ads, too? It's a very smart and innovative system!

Categories and Stores

Some of the initial categories that you can choose from are: Store Promos, Buy 1, Get 1, Under $1, Restaurant, Meat Produce, Dairy. And the offers/coupons are good at Walgreens, CVS, Target, JC Penney, Rite Aid, Save More, and many others. 

Software For Dummies

For those of you who are computer software-challenged, there is also a Tour that you can elect to go through before you start coupon sifting, searching and sorting. You have your own login and dashboard to work on. When you see a coupon you need, simply click on it and if there are any specifications, the system will automatically tell you. They even provide online help (a Coupon Coach!), right there on your dashboard, if you ever get stuck or have any problems or questions.

My honest opinion is that, if you are already used to clipping coupons and searching deals and fliers, this is yet another avenue that you can try. It's definitely going to save you time. And, it's easy enough, even for the computer software challenged.

Cost vs. Savings

Your first month is only $4, but I can see a savings of far more than that on just one shopping trip...I can almost promise you, from what I have seen with my own eyes, Coupon Sense will multiply your savings far beyond that $4. On my dashboard, the site announces that Coupon Sense members have experienced savings totaling $65,638 in Jan 2011 alone (as you can see, above).


If you are a Mommy Rantings follower, CouponSense has offered to extend a one month trial for only $2. I'm sure that you can find a coupon or two (or more) to justify the expenditure! Just use the promo code: MommyRantings. 

Thanks for helping us save,!

I was provided a free one month trial to evaluate the service and write a review. I was not compensated monetarily for this post.


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