Thursday, January 6, 2011

Can I Bathe My Children Together? Is It Safe?

I was watching the ABC show, The Doctors, yesterday and, although little people were pulling on my legs, trying their best to get me to do something else, I had to stick around through the commercial break for the answer to the next question:

"Is it okay to bathe my children one after another (or together) or can they get germs or bacteria that way?" Okay, maybe the question was worded different, but that was the gist of it.

I was surprised by the answer. We have a jacuzzi tub, so there are quite often family gatherings in the bathroom when the jets start running and the bubbles start overflowing. :) For the most part, putting your children in the bathtub was absolutely fine, according to Dr. Jim Sears.

He did mention that soapy water dries out the kid's skin, so use the soap at the end of the bath, right before they are ready to get out. He also said that if one of your children has (or had) diarrhea, it can be transmitted to another child (or you) up to 14 days after it's gone, so watch out for that. And, of course, Dr. Lisa Masterson piped up to announced that girls should not sit in soapy or dirty water for long...they can get an infection or soreness in their hoo-hoo area.

Otherwise, the doctor said sharing tubs was perfectly fine. I expected to hear about all sorts of different issues, but was glad to hear that sharing the tub was okay...

Because my kids love jacuzzi tub parties!


  1. iam always following u here on facebook an twetter yea me jennifer

  2. Hopefully, you're not following me in the bathtub!!! LOL


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