Sunday, December 26, 2010

Warmly Yours Infinity Towel Warmer Review

Warmly Yours sent me a marvelous towel warmer! It came just in time for Christmas!
And, with a jacuzzi tub in the bathroom, the only thing that was missing was something to warm my towels with. "Luxurious items" are not items that I normally splurge on, being a mom of 6 - I'm usually focusing my time and MONEY on the kids, so I was extremely excited when the towel warmer showed up on the doorstep!

The towel warmer that you see pictured above is the Infinity - the one that I received! Along with your towel warmer, you also receive 24-hour installation help - something that I did not have to use, because I have such a wonderful handyman of a husband, who figured it out just fine with the detailed instructions that came with it.

They have several different towel warmers to choose from, that range in prices for those that need to stay in the "economical" bracket.

If you are planning on a luxurious make-over for your home, Warmly Yours will also work with you on a plan. They have some super-cool items, from floor-heating to snow-melting to comfort products (like the towel warmers). When my kids are grown and moved out (not to rush the process, because I will be sad when they are grown), I definitely plan to deck out the house with the luxury and comfort that Warmly Yours offers.

The Trial

I definitely took the "birthday bath" to start my birthday off, the day before Christmas. (Oh, did I neglect to mention my birthday? I was trying to skip it this year and stay a year younger!) Back on track...when I stepped out of the jacuzzi tub, I was greeted with a soothingly warm towel - what a way to start the day!

If you love sitting in the lap of luxury, adding a Warmly Yours towel warmer to your bathroom is a great way to experience the world of "Pampered Luxury". Especially if you're a mom and the only "me-time" is when you get to relax in the bath tub. As a mom of 6, I can't think of anything better than being greeted with a warm towel after a relaxing bath. Can you?

I received a product for the purpose of review. I did not receive monetary compensation. All opinions are expressly mine -and my children's and husband's. ;)

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