Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Thanks and Upcoming Review

I want to say a big THANKS to all who had little Dylan in their prayers. Today went as smoothly as any surgery day can go - and he was soooo brave! To be quite honest, I can say that Dylan was braver than I...which doesn't give him as much credit as he is due.

Although he is in quite a bit of pain right now, it's all downhill from here. We're so glad that the surgery went well and are blessed that he was in your thoughts and prayers!

Onto more...

I'm proud to announce that Mommy Rantings has been accepted ("after careful review", according to the email from Julie Wohlberg, the founder of Sheblogs) into the Sheblogs "community of influential female bloggers" (again, according to the email)! This is exciting for Mommy Rantings followers, because the more opportunities that Mommy Rantings receives, the more that are shared with YOU!

Upcoming Review

Finally, for today, I want to mention that I will be doing a review for, thanks to Mommy Rantings' induction into I have chosen to review the Alpha Beta Daily Exfoliator Kit: Salicylic 2% 2oz, Glycolic 10% 2oz, Hyaluronic Moisturizer 1oz, Glycolic Cleanser 4oz.

So, look forward to that in the upcoming weeks! 

Thanks for the support, love and prayers!


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