Monday, December 6, 2010

Sleep and Prayer

I actually got a really good night of sleep last night, which is good and bad because I planned to get some things accomplished after the kids went to bed. LOL No such luck!

Regardless, I got a great night of sleep, which rarely happens, so I am grateful on this Monday morning. I'm grateful for new friends and old friends and the blessings that God has brought me. And, speaking of blessings, we went to an awesome church yesterday with an unbelievable children's program, so I feel blessed about that, too.

I feel confident that it's true: God does put people in your path - this time it was my neighbor, who invited me to the church that she attends. We are new to the neighborhood and the area, so it's nice to find a church so quickly that we really like!

I will be posting up more review/giveaways all this week! So, don't forget to come back and show some love by entering! Spread the's the giving season, people!

Thank you all so much for being know who you are! Happy Monday...stay tuned!


  1. I love to hear how God works! We are missionaries and God always sends blessings in unexpected places. Hope you find a great church!!
    As for sleeping - Sophie has started waking up in the middle of the night again so sleep is rare for me - lol

  2. I get the not sleeping so lack of sleep is not due to children though, I am past that. It's due to surgery and medication I had 2 years ago ;( I am just waiting for my normal sleep pattern to return!

    Love your blog, I will be back!

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