Thursday, December 16, 2010

Should Mommy Rantings Get a Makeover?

I have been considering a makeover for the New Year...well, not for me, but for Mommy Rantings. What do you think? Should Mommy Rantings get a makeover for the New Year or should it stay the same?

Why I am tossed up...

1) Many people don't like change.
2) Mommy Rantings is Mommy Rantings because it is what it is...not because it is what it will become...
3) I'm not sure if I feel like doing all that work! LOL

So, I'm wondering...should Mommy Rantings get a makeover?


  1. I love change.. so sure! Just don't make things TOO difficult. That, I do not like! ;-)

  2. Thanks for the vote..I'm leaning that way! (Simple makeover)

  3. I love something new for the New Year! Do it if you're ready and I say Yay for you!!

    Lucy is out for a lil hopping...come by when you get time!

  4. Go for it girl! I would suggest keeping giveaways fairly the same just bc we are already used to them but would love to see new additions!!

  5. Yes, definitely! Preferably a WordPress domain...check the email I sent.


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