Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Salem, Virginia Brittany Smith Missing and Mother Murdered?

Oh, my goodness, here we go again!

Tina Smith, 41 year old mother of 12 year old Brittany Smith, was found murdered in her own home. She didn't show up to work and co-workers immediately send send the cops to the house in search of her.

It's a really nice neighborhood, so the neighbors say, but Tina is found murdered, the car is missing and Brittany is missing. Police are searching for the "2005, silver Dodge Neon 4 door sedan with a rear spoiler and Obama sticker on the rear bumper. The vehicle has Virginia tag XKF-2365," according to the WSLS website.

Tragedy is not new to this family. (Brittany's brother, who lived with the father, died while playing the "choking game"...a while ago...)

Where is Brittany? Authorities say that they have a surveillance video of Brittany with a 32 year old man, Jeffrey Scott Easley (shame on him!) at Wal-Mart. He was living with the mother and daughter. Because Easley used Tina Smith's credit card at Wal-Mart, authorities were able to obtain two felony warrants on him. There is also a warrant for kidnapping.

A Florida Amber Alert was issued for the adorable Brittany Smith.

Isn't she adorable?

Another sobering story for the holidays. Did Easley kill Tina Smith? What is really happening between Easley and Brittany Smith? What the hell heck is going on?

Please, if you know anything about this, contact the Roanoke County Police Department at 540-777-8641. We have no idea what Easley has in mind for little Brittany!

Prayers are going out to bring the little girl "home" this holiday season...

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