Thursday, December 23, 2010


As I sit here wondering how I'm going to "pull off" Christmas this year...(yes, I have waited until the last minute, for all of you Plan-Ahead Moms...the Christmas "wishes" that my children have change by the day!)

I think about how blessed we are to be happy, have food, and have each other to celebrate Christmas with.

I think about all of the parents who are wondering what they are going to feed their children this Christmas.

I think about the parents who are sitting beside their child in the hospital, holding their hand and wondering how much longer they will be able to look into their child's eyes and tell them that they love them.

I think about all of the parents who are trying to figure out how to keep the spirit of Christmas alive in their home with no income.

I think about the children who have lost a parent in the war.

I think about the children who have lost a parent to an illness or sickness.

I think about the families who are living in shelters - the families who have no home at all.

I think about the children who do not have parents at all to spend their holidays with.

I think about the families who might not be experiencing any of the above issues, but are struggling in some way...

And I say a prayer for everyone who is struggling this Holiday season, for whatever reason they may have woes.

I am thankful for even the smallest things this year. We have a table to eat on and food to feed our children. We will be shopping tomorrow for the items that are high on their list (no, they won't be getting EVERYTHING this year). We have each other and we will be celebrating Christmas together. That's more than a lot of families...and I'm very thankful to God for all of our blessings, no matter the size.

Take a moment to reflect on the little blessings that you receive each day and matter what your woes are, you are in someone's prayers.


  1. Merry Christmas new friend!!

  2. hmmmm...a good reminder indeed!
    also, a wonderful lesson to share with our children as they are being abundantly blessed this year ;)

  3. I hope to share a prayer with my children this year, too, Cindy!

    Merry Christmas to you and to you, Holly, too!


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