Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mommy Rantings has Officially Reached (And By Passed) 100 Followers!

To everyone who has been loyal to Mommy Rantings since Day One, thank you so much for your support! Keep on coming back! By now, you know that I deliver what I promise. For those of you new followers: What took you so long? :) Just Kidding! Thank you for coming by and supporting this project!

I'm hoping that we can all create some lasting relationships and continue grow and develop this blog so that we can discuss all of the topics that are important to us! Thank you for all of your comments and for ultimately being the reason that Mommy Rantings has survived and still thrives!

2011 is going to bring some awesome things to Mommy Rantings...the party has only just begun, so grab your coffee, place your hand on your mouse, and be sure to click through to Mommy Rantings on a daily (or weekly - I'm okay with that) basis!

Mommy Rantings Followers Rock!

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