Thursday, December 2, 2010

Mommy Rantings 2010 Holiday Gift Guide Is Officially Up and Going!

Don't miss out on the official Mommy Rantings 2010 Holiday Gift Guide and upcoming holiday giveaways! It's a season for sharing, giving and loving and you will find it all right here, as we have a bunch of celebrations this month! Forget about just celebrating Christmas! There are THREE! Count them, three birthdays this month in our family, so let the celebrations begin! They already started here!

On Veronica's birthday (Dec 1), I announced the winners of the Baby Kiss and Coo DVD's and on December 15th, which just happens to be Lucas' birthday, I will be announcing the winners of the Reader's Digest Disney's Tangled books. Did you think I just randomly picked days? :)

And, this is just the beginning...a "sneak peek" of what is coming up....I have several sponsors this year and just to give you an idea of upcoming giveaway items: a set of candles, a Christmas gift basket, Softlips, Snikiddy's and a whole lot more! Stay tuned and don't forget to visit the Mommy Rantings Official 2010 Holiday Guide to get some ideas for shopping this year!

Happy Holidays!

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