Sunday, December 26, 2010

Me & Goji Review

I had the absolute pleasure of trying the Me & Goji make-your-own (nutritious) artisanal cereal. The system on the website is pretty neat! It gives you recommendations every step of the way that tell you: "Most people choose 2-3 items in this group" or "Most people choose 4-5 items from this group". This way, you have the right amount of each grouping to make the cereal come out evenly mixed (I think).

You can pick your own ingredients, name your own cereal and save it for the next time you want to order! They even ship it to you FREE! (From New Hampshire, where I was born.)

Ultimately, the idea behind Me & Goji is to create your own nutritious cereal (or snack food), and I LOVE the idea! I have a handful of junk-food junkie children, who love their sugar-coated, I wondered what they would think of the Designed-By-Mom cereal that I created. I chose quite a few dried fruits, some granola, oats, chocolate chips (apparently, they are good for you - LOL) and made quite the mixture. I think that the dried fruits put just enough "sugary" flavor in the cereal, because - believe it or not - the children LOVED it!

First, they tried it without milk, and their reaction was "Yum!"

But, my oldest said, "I think it would taste even better with milk, like cereal." So, they tried it with milk.

My children ate healthy food again! And, they liked it!

If you are bored with the cereal that you find at the stores and would like to try making your own cereal, I suggest you take a trip to Me & Goji and check it out for yourself! They have their own neat containers (see above pic). What's even better? If you don't like the cereal that you create (which, in my opinion, would be dumb, because you pick what you want in it), they'll allow you to create another cereal of your own choosing. How's that for customer service???

They also post some stats on the site:

Thank you, Me & Goji, for giving me the opportunity to try your cereal! The kids (and I) really did like it! (I guess I chose just the right ingredients for my spoiled, sugar-loving children!)

I received a full-sized sampling of my own making in order to write this review. I was not paid any compensation; the opinions in this post were REAL and expressly those of mine and my children.


  1. Happy Belated B-Day since yours was just a few days ago. I think Christmas Eve would be even worse then New Years Eve

  2. Thanks! This year was a very special birthday - thanks to the most wonderful husband in the world!


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