Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Happy Birthday!

It's my oldest's 11th birthday today! Do you know how old that makes me feel?

Yes, he is not far from those wretched teenage years and 7 years away from becoming an adult. And, he's always mentioning that it's not long until he's driving (scary thought)...don't grow up too fast, my Lucas. Enjoy your childhood while it lasts!

This is my "technical child"...the one that can download BitTorrents and games (on a computer) like nobody's business. Not to mention, he can pull apart and put together a computer like a technician! He actually told me one day during a conversation about sports that he would rather be technical than physical. LOL He's wayyyy beyond his years and always has been...

He's been a Principal's Scholar, which means all A's since the day he was born - he might have received a B or two in his entire life!

He has also been a big brother to the whole group of 5 other kids. He's wonderful to his baby brother, who he doesn't mind rocking in the rocking chair or holding until he falls asleep. He also has the magic touch with Dylan - who is 3. He'll be an amazing Dad and husband one day, if he finds a gal that can pass my standards!

I love my Lukey! And, I hope that he has the birthday of all birthdays today!

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