Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Do You Have Issues With Adult Acne?

I have gathered a small team of moms to participate in a 6 week project called the Mommy Rantings Acne Project, but I am looking for a few more. We're on the hunt for the best products to clear up those pesky bumps! I'm currently recruiting sponsors for the acne products...so if you are a company that carries acne products, contact me to be a sponsor! You will receive a ton of exposure on Mommy Rantings as well as Twitter and Facebook.

If you suffer from adult acne and would like to participate in this project, contact me for details! If you know someone who might want to participate, send them my way. Participants will be given the products to evaluate for the 6 week period in exchange for their participation in the project. You have nothing to lose but that acne!

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