Thursday, December 2, 2010

Did the Father in Michigan Kill His 3 Missing Boys?

Just as I'm feeling all warm and mushy about the holiday season, I hear a breaking news story on Nancy Grace about a father who allegedly killed his three little boys and my heart starts to ache for the mother. Did John Skelton kill his three boys, who are 5, 7 and 9 years old?

John Skelton was found after his attempted suicide. 

The lies and the stories are all twisted...first, John says that he gave little Alexander, Andrew and Tanner to this woman that he met on the Internet to deliver to the mother, but the police say that the "purported relationship does not exist". And, why would he give his precious boys to some woman to deliver to the mother?

Then, the cops say that John confessed to killing his three boys and dumped the bodies in an abandoned school with a teddy bear each. No such luck...there were no bodies found.

Then, the cops report that John confessed to dumping the bodies in a restaurant dumpster. Again, no bodies.

But, nooses were found in the father's house...

In the frigid cold with high winds along the Michigan and Ohio border, hundreds of people have formed to create search teams, searching several bodies of water with sonar equipment and acres and acres of land for the three little boys...and the search continues. The boys have been missing since there still hope?

John's sister claims that the boys are safe...but won't tell her where they are. Sound fishy? You would think while sitting in jail on a $3 million bond, the father would decide to reveal their location...unless, of course he killed them. The charges that they are holding him on right now? Kidnapping.

Blame the Mother

Why is it that people are so quick to judge and blame the mother in this situation? She's not out there, avidly searching for her little boys...why not? She's a sex offender...and because of her past (what the heck does that have to do with finding her little boys?) the press is tearing her apart. I don't see how that has anything to do with the fact that her little boys are missing, she had nothing to do with it, and her heart is broken.

Why are people always so quick to judge mothers when their children are missing - or murdered? The Skeltons were separated...the boys were obviously with the father at the time of disappearance!

As a mother of 5 boys, my heart goes out to Tanya. I'm praying for her...she must be dying inside.

The search party doesn't want to give up hope that they will find the Skelton boys cuddled up, keeping each other warm somewhere...but it looks grim.

"The search has consumed Morenci, a town of about 2,000 residents 75 miles southwest of Detroit. Last week's annual Christmas parade has been canceled, and City Hall shut down so it could be used as a command center. 
Police have released Skelton's photo and are looking for anyone who may have seen the boys or the Skeltons' blue Dodge Caravan between Nov. 25 and Nov. 26. Police have seized the van, but were trying to determine where Skelton may have taken them before he attempted suicide," according to Foxnews.

Ugh! What a damper of the spirits, but I will say that the search efforts are amazing! All of the people involved are out there in both Michigan and Ohio in the freezing cold and wind to try to do their part in helping the mother find her children, and that is overwhelmingly beautiful!

So, what do you think? Did John kill his precious little boys?


  1. Just horrible! I read today about a group of teenagers back in SC that hung a toddler from his ankles in a closet and beat him over and over and parent knew about it!!! Boy is in critical condition. You wonder what gets into people!
    Everytime I hear stuff like this - I hug my Sophie closer knowing she is safe and loved by her parents! We are blessed!!

  2. It just makes me crinch everytime I hear it on the's juat so horroble and so sad how many parents this days just kill their own offspring. Animals of the species prtect their off spring even killing for them and men of the species don't in many cases take care of their young. Very disturving! I think he killed them and than had decided to commit suacide to no avail.


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