Monday, November 22, 2010

The Seven Wonders of My World


1) When I have a laundry list of 101 things to do in a day, the two little guys (my buddies) who are at home with me during the day are more demanding than ever? (This does not include the million phone calls and emails per day).

2) When my world seems to be spinning around and turning upside down and I stand on my hand to straighten it all out...things just get more confusing?

3) When I really want to take a calm and relaxing bath, my children decide that they need baths right that moment, too?

4) No matter how early I start making dinner, I simply can't cook fast enough for the "troops"?

5) When I go to the bathroom...I can't ever go by myself and the arguments between to the kids start to erupt immediately?

6) Regardless of how much I do for my kids, I can always think of just one more thing that they need?

7) No matter how much they drive me crazy, I still love all six of these brats (LOL) more than anything else in the world?

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