Wednesday, November 17, 2010 Review

What an appropriate season to receive an email about! It's a time to be thankful, so I thought the timing was perfect! is an online community for women to commence at, blog on, and find inspiration at. Sign up for daily prayers. Beyond the inspiration is quite a bit of laughter and and fun! I recommend you stop by to see how you can contribute as well as what you can get out of it yourself. They're currently looking for a few women to contribute to the site and PAY for accepted can't beat that! In addition, they will promote your blog for free!

Here's a cute video "How To Pass the Chuckle Test" by Susan Diamond, Chief of Pray at Prayables:

Networking with other women that are faith-based is so good for your heart. As a mother, days are consumed with constantly taking care of other people...isn't it time you do something for yourself?

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