Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Impending Child Surgery

Phew! After months and months of worrying and stressing about Dylan's need for a surgery, we've finally neared the surgeon appointment on November 11th. The poor guy has been through some things. This is another thing that I am thankful for: We have finally straightened out the medical insurance issues and are on the countdown to the surgery.

I'm not sure if facing the surgery is harder for him or for me. I have told him as much as a little mind at 3 years old can understand, but I know the risks and the pain that can be associated with it, and he is oblivious to those things...which is definitely for the best. This is the second surgery that he will go through - and hopefully, the last. Memories of the last one is enough for me to shudder. If I could go through the surgery for him, I would.

The hoops we have jumped through...

You know what is completely and disturbingly annoying, though? In order for this poor little guy to get this surgery, despite the fact that we have been to the emergency room several times, we STILL had to take him to the PCP for a consultation (once the insurance issues were squared away, which is a whole new story!). It took him 2 minutes to agree that Dylan needed surgery. Now, we have to go to a surgeon for them to say the same thing!

The same surgeons that saw him at the ER...except, at the ER, they had some stand-in surgeons on duty the times that we went, so we have to go to one of the "regular" surgeons in order to get the same answer from them that we did from the stand-in ER surgeons and the PCP...he needs surgery. (Duh!) Without insurance, can you imagine the costs???

I will keep you posted on the actual surgery date when we get it on November 11th. The receptionist told me that the particular surgeon whom we are scheduled to see is booking surgeries pretty fast. Although it's pushing it to hope for this whole situation to be done and over with before Thanksgiving, he has been quite uncomfortable lately, so I'm going to push hard for it to happen as soon as possible. Nothing happens fast enough...especially when your child is uncomfortable.

Say a prayer for our little Dylan. I know he's in God's hands. Thanks!


  1. I'm sorry little Dylan has to go thru this. I had surgery as young as four and I remember it. It was a terrifying experience for me. He'll need his mommy after that, that is for sure.

    God Bless!

    Heather From and Mommy Only Has Two Hands! and Lynhea Designs

  2. Thank you for your words...I only hope that the little guy will forget it all...(sigh)


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