Saturday, November 13, 2010

Christmas Family Traditions (Guest Blog Post)

I am honored again to present you with another guest blog post. Laurie Neumann from Gift Expressions has contributed her take on Christmas Family Traditions - why didn't I think of that? - and I thank her from the bottom of my heart for such an inspirational blog post.

Do you have some Christmas family traditions? Or are you in the process of making some? Maybe you haven't thought much about it and don't feel they are all that important.

I think Christmas traditions are important to make no matter who your family consists of. Maybe it's just a mom and a child. Or a dad and a child. Or maybe you are a two-parent family with lots of kids, but not a lot of time. But traditions are still something you should be considering.

In our family, we have a few Christmas traditions. We ride around and look at outdoor Christmas lights that have been strung up on the neighborhood houses. We did this when I was growing up. Every Christmas Eve we would all pile in the car and ride around and look at Christmas lights. So, we have carried on this tradition for many decades.

We also watch a family Christmas movie on Christmas Eve and Christmas night. It is usually The Christmas Box and some other one we choose. I feel very fortunate that my kids (now in their twenties) still do this with us. I know it won't always be like this, so we are enjoying it while we can:-)

We have also had the same Christmas breakfast since our kids were born. We have an cheese and sausage quiche, warm apples and raisins and a homemade bread. Yum! This tradition, too, came from one we had when I was growing up. My mom always made us scrambled eggs among other things. So, I have adapted it to fit our family now.

My daughter has been invited to go to her boyfriend's house for Christmas. His parents live in another state, and they have offered to pay for her plane ticket to come down. But she declined. Why? Because she doesn't want to miss out on our family traditions! Now, are you starting to see the importance of them? It gives a reason for a family to stay close and spend time together. And, in my book, it doesn't get much better than that.

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  1. I have to admit that carrying on certain family traditions with my own kids is close and dear to my heart. I love the spirit of the holidays, the innocence of children when they experience the joys of giving and the emotions that the holidays bring with them.

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