Monday, October 11, 2010

Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids - Ideas To Inspire Thanks

We all think about eating on Thanksgiving, right? Yummy yummy foods, snacks, desserts...and we usually stuff ourselves so much, we can barely move for three days. Is your mouth watering yet?
Even the next day, the food that looked so delectable turns into leftovers that aren't as tempting...
But, Thanksgiving is more than just stuffing our faces, right? It's about family and blessings and being thankful. It's about teaching our children the art of being thankful (however, I firmly believe that we should teach our kids to be thankful EVERY day of the year).

Thanksgiving crafts for kids are a great way to spend time with your kids while discussing the numerous things in life that you are thankful for, and those times never grow old (or go stale, like the leftovers).
This family has an awesome idea to inspire others to think thankful thoughts. They help their son send out leaves to family members and request that the family members write something that they are thankful for. I love this, love this, love this! Look how thankful that family is!
Here's a way to celebrate each person's achievements this year. Maybe they are performing well in school, being a good big brother or sister, or did something special for someone this year. Hold a special ceremony on Thanksgiving evening and make sure that each person gets an award this year. Or, you can use this as another opportunity to thank each other with "Thank You Awards". (This works especially well for big families like ours.)

Crafters for Kids, a non-profit organization, has some easy, economical and adorable Thanksgiving crafting ideas like the hand print turkey above for the crafting-challenged parents who would love to craft with their children, but have no idea where to start. Stop by the site...there are about a dozen cute projects just like this geared toward children for Thanksgiving (and many more for other holidays).
Isn't this just the cutest little stuffed turkey? Take a trip to Amazing Moms to see the other ideas they have for Thanksgiving crafts for kids.
A Thankful Tree is a beautiful way to celebrate blessings. Cut out leaves with your child and help them think about all of the things that they are thankful for. Write one thought on each leaf and hang it on the tree. Why don't we do this more often?

Remember that the food might be a fabulously delicious part of Thanksgiving, but the family time spent making crafts and reminding kids to be thankful and count their blessings is irreplaceable. I hope everyone has a blessed holiday season this year. Even though times are rough, look around...there's sure to be a blessing or two in your life to be thankful for.

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