Friday, October 8, 2010

Should Moms Blog About Their Children?

Okay, what gives? People write about their marital affairs, children of celebrities are plastered all over magazines, and then we have people like Octo-Mom and the whole Jon & Kate Plus 8 mess. And, I haven't even touched the tip of the iceberg with these examples...
Now, bloggers (mommy bloggers, for the most part) are getting slammed for blogging about their children? Okay, I understand that we have a responsibility to protect our children. We need to keep them safe from the dangers that prowl on the Internet, as well as out in the real world.

We do. There is no doubt about that.

I also understand that there are kids (mostly in the teenager age group) that have an issue with their parents posting embarrassing stories about them on the Internet. Yes, I can see that posing a problem. We were all teenagers once...let's step into their already difficult (and often troubled) lives and then think about how it would affect them if we posted embarrassing stories about them on the Internet for all of their friends (and foes) to make fun of them about.

Not cool.

How-eh-ver...the whole world posts their children's pictures up on Facebook, except maybe a small percentage of very out-of-the-loop people who are social media challenged. Every type of news story possible about children is spread like a virus on the Internet and throughout the media, many times with photos attached.

Who doesn't talk about their children? Look, I will be honest and tell you that I don't run every blog post by my children prior to posting it on Mommy Rantings, nor will I. On the upside, my children are honored when I write about them on my blog (the ones that understand that I'm even writing, anyway).

They constantly ask if I wrote about them today. They're proud of my blog and our family and the things that we do and they laugh about the stories that might-not-be-so-worthy-of-pride. They're proud of their mother and the fact that she has a pretty blog that is focused on being a mother which, ultimately, stems from the fact that they are my children. This all may change when they become teenagers, but I figure as long as I respect them, just like I expect them to respect me, Mommy Rantings will stay alive and kicking.

Opinions Are Like... (Fill in the rest yourself)

Melissa Clouthier, in her article Should Mom’s Blog About Their Kids? … No–UPDATED, says: "I just don’t know if it’s a good thing for children to read their mother’s psychological regurgitation about them. How does it help their children?" If you scroll down to the comment after the article, you will read someone's opinion which announces that posting your children's pictures and telling their stories online exposes their photos to the possibility of pedophiles...I'm not even stepping one foot further with that issue. 

I write about my kids. I tell stories about them. I post pictures of them on my blog (they are also on Facebook, mostly for family's sake). I post parts of their otherwise very private life right here on Mommy Rantings. I also post crafts and my opinions and reviews on products and a little bit of advice...

People may carry the perception that I degrade my children by posting their adorable pictures and telling their stories. If that's your opinion, go read someone else's blog. I'll blog about my children until they tell me that they no longer want me to. And, just judging from the amount of joy that they get out of Mommy Rantings, I highly doubt that they will feel that way for a long time...

In the meantime, for those people that think moms shouldn't blog about their kids, I have "a little bit of advice" for you...go find someone else to complain about.


  1. I have to agree with you... I don't share every detail of our lives, but I often share personal details about the kids and our family ... I use the
    "if I'll talk about it with a stranger in the check out line" theory, then I'll probably post it on my blog..
    as for pics - I figure its a great record for the future...
    sometimes I think that people worry way too much and paranoia is gripping the country ...

  2. I always say, it's my life & my blog.. if you aren't interested or want to bitch, find somewhere else to go because I don't want it.

    Trust me there are alot of 'mommy blogs' out there that give great details about their kids. I do not think you are one of them.

  3. And, I agree with you both!

    Andrea: would like to add that there may be other mom bloggers that talk more and show more pics of their kids, however I see nothing wrong with it. Just because there are pedophiles in this world doesn't mean that we lock our kids inside and don't allow them to play outside...really, let's be more realistic.

  4. Who is this lady with the "psychological Regurgitation", give me a break. What did she drink and regurgitate before she wrote that. I think it's nice that moms have a way to share these experiences, and not every thing is a personal account of thier childs life. Oh please. Moms learn from other moms, this site in particular is great.

  5. Thanks, Linda! I guess their standpoint is that we shouldn't be using our children's names and faces and telling about their cute temper tantrums or milestones in order to protect them from unforeseen dangers that are lurking on the Internet, however, as I said, there are dangers right in our very neighborhoods and churches...should we stop letting them go to church and play outside? Do we keep them home from school? Run background checks on their friends and their friend's parents?

  6. Being a mommy blogger, i have to agree. My child is my #1 muse. He's only four but someday i hope this will be something that he will like to read about when he is older and will show him how much he means to me!

    And no, I don't write about him every day either!

  7. My kids feel the same way (my son, age 18) now reads my blog regularly while away at college and loves it. It's a personal choice, and I respect everyone to choose for themselves.

  8. Bethany, I am in complete agreement with you. Since I have begun reading mom blogs, I don't feel alone anymore. So many women are not honest about motherhood,but when they write about their troubles (the guilt, the sacrifices, the bad feelings we sometimes have, the resentment, the loss of our freedom and time, etc.), there is such honesty, such frank sadness that we all relate to. We may be isolated in the home with our children and their exhaustible needs and wants, but on the internet, we have a club that we can belong to, not just to vent, but to support and empathize with one another's feelings. To not write about our kids lest they read our feelings goes along with the notion that we as mothers should sacrifice even that -- the telling of our feelings. Kids should know that parenting is hard, and that it is not easy for any one of us. Very relevant post.

  9. Thanks to all of you mommies for your comments. The whole topic struck a nerve with me and I'm glad I'm not alone!

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