Monday, October 11, 2010

People Magazine: Teen Suicide Tragedies-Deadly Bullying
Late at night at the supermarket (when it's quiet, the kids are in bed, and the check out lines are quick), People Magazine's headline called out to me: Teen Suicide Tragedies-Deadly Bullying. Pictures of youth plastered all over the front page of the magazine. These were children who killed themselves after being bullied. My heart and my stomach both dropped at the same time.

If you're living under a rock (like me sometimes) and you haven't heard the stories, one of the stories that the media is all over like some flies on - poop? - is the Rutgers University student whose very private encounter in the bedroom was streamed on the Internet. What makes it media worthy? The college dorm room encounter was with another guy.

Bullied to death?

How about humiliated to death? Can you imagine?

I mean, what if that happened to you? Somebody video taped you and posted it up on the 'net for people to watch? And, your encounters are probably not as news-worthy! Well, okay, they might be (who am I to know?), but I think you know what I mean. I'm trying to keep this P.G. rated.

Three days later, he plunges himself into the Hudson River

Then, there are others...Asher Brown, 13 years old, puts a bullet in his own head. Seth Walsh, another 13 year old, hangs himself. All three were within one month.All three are sudden deaths that occurred after ongoing bullying and badgering. And, all three were gay. But, does that really make any difference?

It's about time we address these issues and put a stop to this disgusting bullying. Whatever happened to "treating people the way that you want to be treated" and "being tolerant of other people's differences"? We've lost touch...tremendously! Our youth is out of control. This Millennium generation - the lost and confused and misguided generation - dishes out some of the most hurtful bullying that we've ever seen. Hurtful and hateful.

Bullying is worse now than it has ever are using cell phones to mistreat each other, social media platforms, email, audio files, video devices. And there were others...

Phoebe Prince, at the beginning of the year, took her own life.

The tragedies go on and on...

And on and on.

It makes me sick. How cruel people can be to each other. Especially children - youth - that are supposed to have manners and treat others politely and be taught to have compassion and love for others.


Law are being made, enforced, and people are getting charged now by the cops for bullying incidents. Phoebe Prince might just receive some justice, as nine students are facing charges now. Isn't it sad that it has to come down to this?

Children bully and torment other children to the point of suicide and essentially the government now has to take over and start setting an example for society now that says, "Enough is enough"...

Great job, parents! Way to go. Your kids were so mean and nasty to other children that they made them want to die. Even worse, your children made those children not only WANT TO DIE, they made them kill themselves.

Reality check.

My heart goes out to the families that are struggling with these tragedies. It could be any of us...

And, we have the nerve to arrest the father that stood up for his bullied twisted is that?

Aren't we sending a mixed message here? Bullying is wrong and that's the bottom line! You better believe, if your kids mess with mine, you'll be dealing with the same protective parents.

The bully was SCARED? Oh, you poor little heartless kid. What about the little girl that you were picking on? Don't you think she was scared? What if she killed herself? How scared would you be then?

It's not the end of this topic for me. I'm riled up!


  1. Great article, more attention needs to be brought to this. Kids killing themselves because of other kids nastiness, it makes me sick. My son used to be bullied, one time he was stabbed with a pencil, the scholl didn't even call me. It was so bad that he was bleeding through his pants. The school nurse called , at least she cared. I flew down to the school and was flaming mad. They did not even suspend the other child, not even a week later when he punched my son in the eye. This was in 5th grade, and I thank God every day that never let up on the scholl and I continued to build up my sons' confidence. I can't even think about "that" happening to my child, and now I am mad as hell too.

  2. Its soo sad...what is really un mentioned though is how we categorize who is bullied. In El Paso Texas, my 11 year old daughter had to be removed from her school because she was white and did not speak spanish.

  3. Unbelievable! These schools need to step it up! Childhood is hard enough...

  4. I lost a younger sister in 1987 to suicide. No, it was not because of bullying. But, I know the pain and guilt that my Mother felt for the rest of her life. The excruciating pain and feelings of helplessness these parents must feel breaks my HEART!

    Bullies need to be stopped - plain and simple! They are everywhere - of all ages. I've dumped many GROWN-UP friends on social networks because I refused to promote their bullying. It makes me sick! Were most bullies to actually have to confront their victims face-to-face, I don't think they could actually do it. Our society has become so passive-aggressive. :(

  5. Oh, Kelly, I am sorry to hear about your loss and your pain.

    On a good note, I am happy to say that schools are finally taking a proactive stance with bullying. I have noticed new fliers coming home from school with the children that need to be signed by both the student and the parent for anti-bullying policies.

    I still hear a bit from my kids about this kid and that kid...but, for the most part, I haven't had to storm up to the school here in New York yet, so...let's just hope that schools are getting more prepared to put an end to these stories.

    And, good for you for "dropping" people who bully. It's a shame that grown-ups haven't figured it out yet.

    Bullying is a power trip that hurts others, plain and simple. Grow up!

  6. Hello

    My name is Chloe ... Age: 22 ... I been bullying, when I was in high school 5 years ago ... But still bullying again :( ... I do have low self-esteem, depression, pain, feelings ..., I covered my pain .... I been bullying many years ... Which is not good at all


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