Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Mother Held Hostage

Do you ever feel like you are being held hostage as a parent? I mean this in the most loving way possible - if there is such a thing.

Let's say, for instance, I need to go to the store for a quick trip. I get my shoes on, grab my purse and keys, and almost immediately, I have at least two little people tugging on my legs and fussing at me. "Can I go, too?"

In the morning, I wake up to my alarm clock...roust up four children for school and a husband for work while juggling a one year old and a three year old. Once five people are gone, it's only down to two, however the two of them are top-notch at holding me hostage. Breakfast starts the day and then on to playtime and snack time quickly follows that. There is some computer time and some television time (all kid's games and shows) and some car time and Lego time mixed in there, then lunch. The afternoon is more playing and, before I know it, there are 4 kids coming home with work from school, some of which I need to fill out. We have snack time, get the homework done. Dinner comes quickly once homework is done...

Pick out clothes for tomorrow, get ready for bed...the complete day is over, and it seems that Mom had no time for herself. Where do my days go?

Where do I squish in time for Mommy? Going to the grocery store is the exciting getaway of the week. After I tear the hands from my pant legs and wiggle out the door, children fussing at me (I've been told that they are absolutely fine once I leave, but they always pull the same "Don't leave me" routine) I get to go to the grocery store to pick out all of the food that everyone else is going to eat. (Sometimes, I give in to the pleas and take one or more children with me.) So much fun.

Oh, yes, the day will come when I miss these days...for, it seems that I'm the most popular person in the house, however, on a daily basis, it seems that the handcuffs are on and I'm being held hostage every moment of the "bathroom breaks" are allowed, as there is always a little one that needs to accompany me to the bathroom. A walk to the mailbox includes fully dressing up two little people...just to get the mail?

Am I the only mother that is held hostage by her children?


  1. I'm right there with you! And it sucks even more because my husband (who is in the military) is gone off to training for 2 weeks! I asked him if I could sneak into his bag & he responded 'yes but you'd probably have more fun here.' Really? Going to the bathroom with at lease 1 kid & 2 animals is fun?? Running around grocery shopping or to doctors appts is fun?? I think being able to go to the bathroom by myself & 'playing' G.I. Joe sounds SO much more exciting!!

  2. I'm right there with you, except I get a break during the day with school and the bus ride to and from. With little ones it is tough. I remember thinking, "Is this my life from now on?" It does get easier when they are all in school. I would tell you to hang on, and when you do get a second alone, learn to meditate.


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