Monday, October 4, 2010

Morning Coffee, Please

Good morning, Monday! Not!

I woke up this morning at about 9 a.m.with a laundry list to do (it's Monday morning, for goodness sake...can I at least sleep in?). My first call of the morning began before I even had my first cup of coffee (which, by the way, was hand-delivered by my sweet and thoughtful husband).

I sluggishly added the sugar and milk (yes, milk) myself and then punched in the numbers on the phone.

Talk About Cheery

I'm just not a morning person (okay, I'm a BEAR in the morning - see picture), but apparently the mother on the other end of the phone was...her chipper voice called out "I'm one of those morning mamas that you love to hate".
 We discussed business and then started talking about motherhood (surprise, surprise!) and the conversation was actually more enlightening than my morning cup of coffee. (And, she admitted that she was a bright-and-early morning person, which automatically registered her in my mind as "one of those people").

I'm usually a bit offended by these type of moms. The rise-and-shine, chipper, happy-go-lucky get-up-and-go-before-the-rooster-cries-out types. ESPECIALLY when I'm still in that hazy part of my morning when the coffee has yet to reach my veins. But, this morning person was different. Ironically enough, her name was Sparkle.

(Hold on while I swig another sip of my coffee...)

Okay, so we talked about being/not being morning people, motherhood, ages of our children, stories about our children...stories about other people's children...

And, for a moment, it was like talking to an old friend. But, she was at work and I still had the rest of my laundry list to, we ended the conversation with her reading off my confirmation number and...well, another sip of my coffee.

Isn't it ironic that, once two moms get together, no matter what their backgrounds are - even if one is NOT a morning person and the other is a bubbly morning momma who drives the not-the-morning-momma crazy - if they start a conversation about motherhood or their children, everything else goes out the door. You're not that grumpy morning person or tired're a proud, exhausted, or ambitious momma sharing stories and morals and values and tips and advice and...whatever else the conversation brings you to. (You can substitute the word momma for daddy, grandma, nana, auntie, uncle, grandpa, sister...)

The phone call made my day...maybe because it's been such a rainy, gloomy, stay-in-bed kinda week, but I hung up the phone with a smile on my face.

Which kind of mom are you? The bouncy, annoying "Good Morning, World!" mom that drives me crazy? Or are you the drag-yourself-out-of-bed, ponder-the-idea-of-climbing-back-in, and suck-down-coffee-until-you're-ready-to-face-the-world-kind-of-mom?

If you're a morning person, could you pass the coffee, please?


  1. I'm guilty. I'm totally a morning person. Even though I don't necessarily like to get up at the crack of dawn...when I do wake up and get going I'm sooooo super productive:)

  2. I have a saying.. it's too early if your alarm has to go off. Doesn't matter what time that may be!

    I am far from a morning person!!

  3. If I had been a mommy, I would definitely be "the drag-yourself-out-of-bed, ponder-the-idea-of-climbing-back-in, and suck-down-coffee-until-you're-ready-to-face-the-world-kind-of-mom"...LOL

  4. Bethany, thanks for visiting and commenting on my Palin post. I'm glad I didn't lose you before you got to reading. I followed you on Twitter already. AND I love your post on Coffee. Mine is still waiting for me to take a sip on the counter top. I'm hitting the submit button and going to revel in my caffeine. Thanks again.


  5. LOL, everyone...I figured a post on coffee might get things going on a Monday morning! :)


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