Thursday, October 21, 2010

Last Minute Halloween Deals

If you're the last minute Halloween costume shopper, like me, this year and you don't plan to join in on the do-it-yourself costumes that everyone is raving about, you might be interested in saving a little money...who isn't deal-conscious this year?  is a free website that has a great list of promotional codes and discounts for thousands of stores. There is a section on there for those of you last minute Halloween shoppers that includes Halloween costumes and decorations (for that last minute party). According to the consumer reports that are being published on the upcoming spending trends for this year, people are looking to the online shopping experience. Here's the perfect opportunity to save some money will you beat the crowds by ordering on your computer. 

Don't wait too long, though...Halloween is right around the corner and then we will be thinking about the last minute Thanksgiving savings right? Don't forget the Christmas shopping, too. You may find some great coupon codes and discounts for your Christmas decorations and gifts for this year...Happy Shopping!

 Here are some of the codes that you will find at
· Get free shipping on $60 or more with code FREE60
· Save 10$ off $85 or more with code SCARY10(expires 10/20/10)
· Save $10 off over $75 with code 10OFF
· Get free shipping on entire order when you buy a costume with code TREAT (expires 9/21/10)
·         Costume Kingdom- Save 10% off with code HALLOWEEN2010 (expires 11/1/10)
· Save 10% of $40 or more with code vamp10 (Expires 10/31/10)
· Save 15% off $75 or more with code celebrate4 (expires 12/31/10)

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