Sunday, October 24, 2010

I'll Be Sending Out Shutterfly Holiday Cards This Year!

Friends and family, Facebook me your address! I will be mailing out Shutterfly holiday cards this year! I have yet to choose which ones that I like the best, though. I'm a bit torn between the Family Wall Red, the Many Memories and the Peppermint Pink (see the examples below), because all three have room for more than one pic...and with the size of my family, I love that flexibility!

Family Wall Red
Many Memories

Peppermint Pink

Shutterfly makes it easy to create your own Christmas cards, holiday photo cards, or religious Christmas cards. You can also create Christmas party invitations and Christmas gift tags! And, for my Hispanic family members and followers, they also have tarjetas de Feliz Navidad.

There's nothing nicer than receiving a personalized holiday card with pics of the kids (or family)!Okay, I'm lying...send me some cold, hard cash or an all-expense paid vacation - but, if you can't do that, I'd love a card with a pic of the fam.

Shutterfly has an enormous selection of products to choose from. You can add your photos to calendars, photo books and many other photo implemented items that make perfect gifts. (Especially for Grandma and Grandpa and other family members...don't forget me!) Your holiday "shopping" could start and finish on the Shutterfly site this year.

Now, because I speak my mind - this is MY blog, in case you didn't know! - I do want to mention that Shutterfly could add a little more diversity on their website when it comes to the photos that they have on there. I'd like to see children like mine on there, with their beautiful caramel skin and their naturally curly hair...the world is changing and cultures and nationalities are mixing...companies should embrace that fact and show that they cater to everyone. (That's my rant for the day).

Don't forget to email or Facebook your address! I'm not rich, so I'm only sending out a limited number this year. First come, first serve. :)


Thanks for your feedback!

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