Saturday, October 2, 2010

Have You Heard About CSN Stores?

I love a deal...Don't you?

So, I had to share my excitement with you about CSN Stores. They have over 200 online stores and whether you're looking for a new, gorgeous platform bed, convenient convertible cribs, some exciting toys and games for your kids, or brand new cookware to make working in the kitchen fun, you’ll find fabulous deals on it all. I spent hours looking through the items throughout the sites and was surprised at not only the quality of the items that they offer, but also the economical prices!


As a mother of 6, I’ll tell you that shopping (for necessities) is not my favorite thing in the world. I either have to wait until my husband is home to get the shopping done or drag all of my kids with me. Online shopping saves me so much trouble! Can it get any easier than clicking on the items that you want and checking out? With CSN Stores (even though they have over 200 stores) there’s only one “shopping cart” for anything that you buy from them at one time and there are a ton of items marked Free Shipping. (And even if you have to pay shipping, it’s never more than $5-10. Anything $69 and up automatically qualifies for free shipping.) They also offer a 30 day return policy.

One more thing...I've price compared a bunch of items on the CSN Stores websites and can honestly say that I've found better prices than many of the stores that I currently frequent. Bathroom items, kitchen items, home're going to find a deal on the things that you love to buy.
So, I’ve done my research, as you can see. But, I’m going to do even more research for you! I’m actually going to pop on CSN Stores and order something and let you know how it goes. Sheesh! I can’t figure out what to get…I guess you’ll just have to wait for the next post when I receive…well, whatever I pick.

Happy Shopping!

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