Saturday, October 23, 2010

Here We Go...The Beginning of the Long Stretch of Holidays!
Yes, here they come! The "dreaded" holidays that send us mothers into a starts and then runs all the way, back-to-back until...well, Mother's Day, right? We finally get recognized after eight long months of "doing for others".

Does anyone else feel the same way I do? Dread...

My head literally starts spinning (beware - I might look like the exorcist) and the days seem to move even faster, just to spite me. There's never enough time in a day anyways and then we get slapped in the face with all of the commercials that entice our children and everything else that comes along with the holiday madness. Every three seconds, little voices call out, "I want that!" and when they don't get an immediate response, I hear: "Mooooooooom! I WANT THAT!"

As if I really care...a week from now, the whole list of wants will be different. (Okay, I care. I wish I could buy them everything their little hearts desire, but like most of you, I can't.)

The other day, I saw something on a commercial that enticed me...and just to be like the kids, I couldn't stop myself from calling out, "Oooo! I want that! I want that! Hey, did you see that? I want that!" My kids thought that was the funniest thing they had heard in ages!

Of course, what I really want is a long vacation to this little place called Le Taha, in Tahiti. I saw this place on The Bachelorette -yes, besides Desperate Housewives (the real one, not those "real" housewives of Atlanta junk shows), the Bachelorette happens to be my fave.

Give me a break, okay? Besides being a mother, I have to have some indulgences. Back to Taha...
Do you see why I would love a quiet vacation there? Oh, to step outside in the morning and see nothing but turquoise water that goes on and on and on...

Yes, All I want for Christmas is a trip out to Taha. When I make it out there, I might just throw away the return trip tickets. Oops! :)

In the meantime, back to reality. I will take a deep breath and handle as much as possible each and every day and plan to enjoy what I can of the holidays. After all, I do practice counting my blessings and being thankful for the things that I do have. In the meantime, Mother's Day will come soon enough...

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