Friday, October 8, 2010

Brotherly PayBack

My devilish youngest two boys are now about the same weight. Amazingly, Dakoda (17 months) has rapidly caught up - and seems like he is slightly bypassing - skinny, little 3 year old Dylan.

This also means that the little punks are starting to fight like cats and dogs. It's not the easiest position in the world for Dakoda - coming in at boy #5. He has to be rough & tough and stand up for himself. And, believe me, he does just that!

So far, this morning, he has popped Dylan in the face, thrown Legos around the playroom, turned the television off while Dylan was playing the Wii, sat on top of Dylan, pulled his hair, and otherwise tortured his older brother. And I can't say I blame him! Dylan used to think it was funny to take Dakoda's toys away from him and do other brotherly mean-type things to him not too long ago.

So, what do I do when they start to tangle? I giggle and observe the two of them duking it out, that's what I do. What am I supposed to do? Get in the middle and chance getting decked myself? No way, I'm not stepping in the middle of the brotherly payback! (giggle giggle)

It's not unusual to hear Dylan calling out, "Help! Get Da-Ko-Da Off. Of. Me!"

Other times, I have to chastise Dylan for the brotherly payback that he doles out, which is always followed by, "But Koda hit me first!"

And, I remind him, "Well, you taught him how to hit." He never seems to have much to say about that. 

Right this moment, as I type this, though, the two of them are happily jumping on a bed together - yes, safe play is a priority - and giggling with each other, only about 30 minutes after the torture session. Dakoda (A.K.A. Kodi-Bodi, Kodi-Bear, Kodi-Monster) is playing scream-at-the-top-of-your-lungs...but it's just a matter of time...

I often think to myself: Isn't brotherly love wonderful? I love observing my children interact with each other, during the good behaviors and the bad...but I mostly love the fact that no matter how rough they are with each other, no matter how mean they can get, no matter how mad they get at each other, way deep down beyond the fighting and the torturing, they love each other.

Dylan shows me that quite often. He knows that he was rough with "the baby" and he also knows that Dakoda is his little l matter what Dakoda does, not matter how upset Dylan is with him, no matter how annoying Dakoda can be, sweet little (devilish) Dylan will still tell Dakoda how much he loves him shortly after the battle...sharing his cupcakes and cookies with him...and giving him hugs and kisses.

It's always one extreme or the other...brotherly payback or brotherly love. Regardless of which end of the spectrum they are on at any point in time, I'm definitely not getting in between the two of them.

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  1. I normally don't step in between my kids either because I feel like they need to learn to work it out. I am a SAHM with 4 kids, I have also learned to pick & choose my battles. As long as there isn't an blood or broken bones.. I say let them go for it!


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